Why Uncharted: Golden Abyss disables network support and other Vita quirks

Shuhei Yoshida explains why Uncharted: Golden Abyss disables network support in addition to a few other quirks involving the recently-launched PS Vita.

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dedicatedtogamers2591d ago

Yeah I saw this in a Vita video. It makes no sense. I hope Sony patches it so that they can truly deliver on their promise of "cross-game chat".

wicko2590d ago

Saving battery life on a device that is already limited in that respect "makes no sense"?

GribbleGrunger2590d ago

you can't patch a battery to last longer! this makes sense to me. if they'd made it compulsory or impossible to choose which features to use then devs wouldn't be able to push the system in a way they want to

wicko2590d ago

Uh, yes you can. You reduce the amount of components running (in this case, WIFI/network processing) and therefore it uses less battery.

And if you read the article, you'd know they aren't restricting which features developers can use - developers are making those decisions themselves. In this particular case they've disabled networking because Uncharted for Vita is a *single player game*, it doesn't need networking so they've chosen to disable it to preserve battery power.

GribbleGrunger2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

what?! that isn't patching a battery to last longer, that's cutting what the battery has to do down. lol.

did people ignore the second part of what i wrote?

'if they'd made it compulsory or impossible to choose which features to use then devs wouldn't be able to push the system in a way they want to'

you just said EXACTLY the same thing i did but didn't realize it? really?

and i have 6 disagrees?!!!!! this site is amazing

BoNeSaW232590d ago

What is amazing, is you think EVERYONE has to agree with you.

GribbleGrunger2590d ago

what? lol. this truly is an amazing site. do people actually read before they disagree. i'll explain again. he just disagreed with me by stating what i just stated but in a slightly different way. you CANNOT disagree with yourself. a battery is a physical thing which is why i said you can't patch that. i then went on to point out it was a good idea because it means that devs can cut features to save on battery life. this is NOT patching a battery, that is cutting features to make a battery last longer. surely you understand now

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GirlyGamer2590d ago

Apparently the game pushes the hardware so it shuts some things down so the game can run smoothly.

Ddouble2590d ago

"He also mentioned that you won’t be able to view your trophies for Vita games on the Playstation 3 system"

Common what is the excuse for this. This is just nonesense. How do you expect to advertise the Vita if people on PS3 can't see the games and trophies i've got from it.

Still day 1 but dissapointing

Ryo-Hazuki2590d ago

Yeah there's no excuse for that. Like how hard can that possibly be? Maybe a firmware update could fix that

Ddouble2590d ago

Yea hopefully a firmware update would fix it.

Also it will be good if you finally get to sync all your vita trophies and watch yout trophy level and count shoot up

tarbis2590d ago

indeed, It makes no sense that I can see trophies for my PS3 on my PSV but not the other way around, it's not like I'm using a separate account. I'm sure an update can fix this.

Spenok2590d ago

So unlocking trophies on PSV will go toward your same lvl, but while on PS3 you cant see the PSV trophies?

I read what was posted in the article, it just leaves me a bit confused.

Or does your Vita have its own Leveling up when you unlock trophies?

Ddouble2589d ago

Yea it would all count towards your total trophy level but you won't see the PSV trophies.

From what i've read this will be fixed after the PSV is available worldwide and i can't see why not so hopefully it's true and not just a rumour.

xAlmostPro2590d ago

People need to seriously chill out.

Name a console thats launched 100% bugs/glitches no faults, here comes the anti-sony bandwagon number 2.

Yeah ok this does seem rather dumb, but they don't do this stuff for no reason, look into why before going ape sh*t.

Lf_sIcKmAn2590d ago

Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I rest my case... You had to get it right the first time back in the day... not like the PATCH fest of this days... *cough*PS3SKYRIM*cough*...

rexbolt2590d ago

well said to u 2 but now a days is diffrent updates make things better its better then sending it off to the factory to get a bug fixed though

wicko2590d ago

Congratulations on pointing out that it's easier to avoid issues with simpler hardware (SNES) than it is with complicated hardware (VITA).

tarbis2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

LOL! So does Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1 & 2 and every other console that cannot connect to the internet or does not even require a network. But, they do have bugs and glitches, you just can't fix them via online.

Seriously, comparing an old simple tech to an advanced complex tech is really stupid.

Lf_sIcKmAn2590d ago

Its not about the tech its about the lazy devs and the rushed development cycles!

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firelogic2590d ago

Some 3DS games turn off features too. Where's the uproar about that?

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