Dungeon Defenders Celebrates the Holidays with Steam DLC and 50% Off Sale

The most recent news from Trendy Entertainment is the Christmas 2011 Dungeon Defenders Holiday DLC Pack and a 50% price cut. New skins, new weapons, and a new Holiday-themed mission make this one of the best DLC expansions for the game -- and the 50% price cut for the game itself is an excellent Xmas prezzie for yourself.

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maawdawg2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Dungeon Defenders is one of my favorite games of the year, regardless of price. For $7.50 it is a really good deal but I am sure they will have it as a daily in this sale at some point and it will be up for $3.74.

So far I have about 60 hours into it, haven't done any challenges yet, any survival, and haven't finished playing the game non hard (finished medium, still have insanity to go too). It is a ton of content for the cost, and it plays like the genetically modified super-baby of Torchlight and Trenched (Iron Brigade).

They also are constantly updating and upgrading the game and have been putting out high quality cheap DLC.