F1 2011 PS Vita 1080p Off-Screen Gameplay (30+ Minutes)

Someone on YouTube has recently uploaded 30+ minutes of gameplay of F1 2011 for the PlayStation Vita. Take a look at the vids below

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remanutd552498d ago

it doesnt look bad , i saw a player review yesterday and he said he was disappointed with the game but didnt give any solid reasons why .

on another note i just bought a formula gran turismo car , finally!!!! didnt want to shell out 5,000,000 but i dont think theres another way to get it unless someone else give it to you , am i right ?

CaptCalvin2497d ago

Oh yes it does look bad, it looks like nothing but a reskin of sumo's(developer of this game) F1 2009 for the PSP and Wii. That game's handling felt waaaaay wrong, and it looks like it'll be the same way with this one.

remanutd552498d ago

oh and senna movie is available on psn for NA fans that havent seen it yet , watch it you will love it , i knew he was having trouble with the williams car but i didnt know they were that bad , no wonder he didnt win any race on a williams car did he ?