Unhumble Individuals Abuse Humble Bundle to Game Steam Giveaway - "Some dishonest users are creating multiple Steam accounts in order to increase their odds of winning the giveaway."

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StayStatic2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Isn't this like saying people who buy more than one lotto ticket are abusing the lottery system ?

I think the chances of winning this are much slimmer than winning the lotto.

1 in 35 million steam accounts ? maybe my maths are off but i think i would rather buy some lotto tickets over wasting it on multiple steam acccounts :)

peeps2496d ago

Not really when a lotto ticket is £1 and this is 1p 'per go'

It's unfortunate the Humble bundle got roped into this, purchased it myself earlier for a few £ and there are some fun little titles in there and obv a good cause.

StayStatic2496d ago

Ah right i see, seems i have misunderstood , thanks :)

grailly2496d ago

it's not to bad for the humble bundle, they are still getting a bit of money out of this, it's not as if it's eating into their customer base, nobody is actually playing the bought bundles