Hideo Kojima Presents: Real VS Fox Engine

Hideo Kojima's latest update on the Fox Engine (Fox Engine Tsuushin Vol.3, is how he headed up his Tweet) concerns a custom avatar system that the developers at Kojima Productions are currently experimenting with.

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DaveMan2547d ago

Kojima you giant cock tease you.

meetajhu2546d ago

i wish this engine gets ported to PC and PS Vita

Grip2546d ago

nothing wow really we have seen better

yesmynameissumo2547d ago

The game engines being developed are enough to extend this generation.

Bundi2547d ago

Realism is impressive, but that guy looks nothing like that avatar

Venox20082547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Avatar is movie, there was CG.. this engine is for games ..different things

cloud4952547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

not sure if trolling or just stupid.

Bereaver2546d ago

Just to clear it up so if there is still confusion on what people are saying.

Venox, go a head and dictionary the word avatar. This will provide you with your answer. He's talking about the noun not the name of the avatar movie.

pr0digyZA2547d ago

Venox I think you need to reread what he said.

tiffac0082547d ago

I doubt that developer even has that kind of muscular body. lol!

Then again I could be wrong. lol!


Ive seen better surely thats not the final article?

artanisrlz2547d ago

So he created himself using the in game character creation tool?!?! Wow looks pretty good if it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.