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There's inexplicably still no actual Australian release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic -- official word is presently vaguely pointing to March 2012 -- but in this digital age, why wait when you can import?

"Long term AusGamers contributor Khel has been involved in much of the beta testing and the recent Early Game Access period for pre-order customers so we've been able to tap into his many years of MMO experience for this in-depth review.

Bear in mind that the scale of MMOs does make them awkward to rate within the context of more conventional games, so while we can't go into great detail about end-game content and lastability at this time, we hope this review will still be a useful resource for evaluating the game's initial purchase price -- leaving the worth of a continued monthly subscription as something you should derive yourself."

From the review:

"BioWare have remarkably pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Star Wars: The Old Republic. While they haven’t rev...

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