Asus Transformer Prime and PS3 controller – match made in heaven

If you’re a tech enthusiast or are simply in the market for a tablet right now, forget everything else –the Asus Transformer Prime should be right on the top of your wish list and today we have another very good reason for that. As if being the most powerful tablet in the world wasn’t a reason enough to buy one, Swedish website, Swedroid have managed to get a PS3 DualShock controller working just fine with the Prime. Apparently, you dont need to root the tablet or any other such trickery, simply plug it in via the USB port and it just works!

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miyamoto2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Live together in perfect harmony without jail breaking
This is the advantage of two open platforms...Flexibility & Choice.

I hope more news like this will shut the mouths of doomsayers and trolls like Chris Buffa of Modojo. He is now the worst version of HipHop Gamer.

blumatt2495d ago

Very true. I wish I could do the same on my MacBook Pro (i5 4GB 2011 version). That way, I could play all my games with my DualShock 3 and not the keyboard. Yeah, I'm sure there's gamepads out there that'll work for my MacBook Pro, but I don't want to have to buy something extra when the DS3 would work perfect.

Good read.

schlanz2495d ago

Can't wait to get this in the mail.. Emulation paradise

fluffydelusions2495d ago

Yes can't wait to get transformer prime but it seems delayed :(