Reaction Time Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland Review (PS3)

No, I still can’t pronounce it.

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Agent Smith2546d ago

Wow, it's really not that hard. Elementary schoolers could say it.

zerocrossing2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I was gonna get this game today but everywhere I went didn't have it!.

Do I have to go to the 4 corners of the earth every time I want my niche game fix?! ugh, ok rant over...

Ulf2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Didn't this game come out like... a while ago?

Pretty sure it did, because I have it, and its way better than 6/10. I think that, if you don't like JRPGs much, and are more into WRPGs, 6/10 might be pretty spot on.

Then again, if you don't like JRPGs much, why would you review, or read a review, for such a game? It seems as though the JRPGs of this gen are just about as good as they were last gen, but with better graphics (barring FF13, which had better graphics, but was not a good JRPG)... but the reviewers want them to evolve into WRPGs or something?

Stewie2k82545d ago

Was hoping this would be good. i have been looking to play a japanese anime style RPG for awhile now.

Off topic: does anyone know any good Japanese anime style gamnes? doesnt have to necessarily be an RPG. :)

Son_Lee2545d ago

WRPGs are the new thing, the in thing. JRPGs are just as good as they were last gen, but the difference is that the majority of reviewers have moved on. They want WRPG in their JRPGs and it's just not gonna happen. It baffles me why games like White Knight Chronicles get super low scores when they are good games. I haven't gotten Atelier Totori yet (and it's not hard to pronounce at all), but it looks like a good JRPG. This reviewer should smarten up before he reviews anything.

Lionheart3772545d ago

This isn't my review to defend, but since you haven't played the game yet, making a statement like this seems pointless.

Reviewers haven't just moved on - JRPGs haven't progressed. Being "as good" as two or even one generation before just isn't enough. I love JRPGs as much or even more than the next guy, but keeping to the same formula throughout the years just isn't enough.I've actually played this game, and while I enjoy the combat, it's too familiar to stand out.

Tommy, the reviewer, is in love with Japanese games, and the pronunciation tagline is nothing more than a joke. If anyone should "smarten up," it's onlookers who make comments about games they haven't played and reviews whose score soured their entire impression.