gamrReview Game of the Year Awards 2011 - Wii

Alex St-Amour from gamrReview writes: 'Hardware transitions are never an easy time. High quality games are few and far between as most new releases are moved to the new console to fill out the launch line-up. Evidently this is the case with Nintendo’s transition from the Wii to the Wii U; notable releases for the Wii dwindled in 2011. That being said, there were still several quality games released for the Wii that caught our eye and surprised us in more ways than one.

With that in mind, we present you with gamrReview's Wii Game of the Year Awards 2011.'

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O-D-C2495d ago

Not a ton to talk about on the Wii but a good year none the less.

Spectator12495d ago

Great to see Rayman winning awards.

Runa2162495d ago

Nothing surprised me here. a shame, too.

Will we ever get to include Xenoblade?