Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 97: Where Would Sony Be Without Naughty Dog This Gen?

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together once again to bring you the latest news. In today’s episode, we talk about the following:

- Starhawk Beta Impressions

- PS Vita Sold out in Japan Day One

- Gran Turismo 5 Still being supported, new update!

- Resistance 3 and Infamous 2 Added to Platinum List

- Should a Game you never heard of get nominated for Game Of The Year?

- Would Sony Be Nothing with out Naughty Dog This Gen?

- Skyrim VGA Game Of The Year Exposed

- Square is done, once again

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up and much more

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Pyscho_Mantis2590d ago

Without GT5, MGS4, and Uncharted the Playstation would be in a considerably worse situation.

However it can be said that without Gears and Halo and 360 would also be in deep trouble far worse than the ps3.

rbluetank2590d ago

How many people will buy Skyrim DLC? the game is huge and it has alot of side missions and extra stuff to play with. i killed my first dragon a day or two ago. i am starting to get a ideal on how deep this game is... When you add in dlc for Skyrim; it makes this game a cluster fuvck for me. this game as is will take me 6 month to a year for me to finish 100%. i will not buy the dlc. i wish i could see the dlc numbers on this game. great show as always. i have a christmas present code for Starhawk beta. the code came with UC3 and will be good when Sony pulls the trigger. i will shootout the code while i am listening to beginning of GOS podcast on Christmas Day.

rbluetank2589d ago

edit above.. i will "type out" not "shoutout" the StarHawk code while listening to the GOS on Christmas Day.