iCEnhacer GTA IV; nothing has prepared you for this new set of screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "So, one good fella – who doesn’t want to be named – mailed me these new screenshots of iCEnhancer GTA IV. These are some brand new screenshots from the latest version of Hayssam Keilany’s mod, and I was really puzzled. You see, in their thumbnail-ed form, they looked like real photos and I was wondering whether or not he had mistaken the screenshots. But upon opening them, I came to realize that these are actual, in-game shots of GTA IV. This is the first as I’ve never been fooled like that before and shows what amazing visuals Keilany’s next version of iCEnhancer will bring to the table."

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no_more_heroes2519d ago

that first picture under the headline looks incredible.

baodeus2519d ago

i am pretty well prepared after like previous 100 posts of this same mod thank you.

isarai2519d ago

i came here to say this :/

Tachyon_Nova2519d ago

Foliage still looks a bit shite and colours seem to lack depth, expecially in the shadows but the rest looks bloody amazing. Definetly needs some much more powerful anti aliasing though, not even sure if it is on in those shots to be honest.