BootHammer: Top Ten Games To Buy For Christmas 2011

2011 has been an amazing year for gaming and you are probably driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what to buy. Allow BootHammer to relieve your stress as we give you our list of top video games to buy this Christmas season.

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TrendyGamers2546d ago

And Shadows of the Damned for that creepy uncle...

BootHammer2546d ago

Haha, forgot that one! That's hilarious, I really enjoyed SOTD, awesome game...but yet I have no creepy uncle to purchase it for this holiday season, lol.

NovusTerminus2546d ago

Well, if you so desire, you can by it and send it to me... >.>

rattlesnake252546d ago

great list......i like number 1 best.

DonaldBeck2546d ago

battlefield 3, cant miss. it, dark souls, uncharted 3, deuse ex human revolution, skyrim, and portal 2.

BootHammer2546d ago

The top ten this year for Christmas needs to be expanded to Top 20 ;) 2011 was simply one of the best years in a while for quality releases. Wonder how 2012 will compare.