Tribes: Ascend Preview - MMGN.COM writes: Younger gamers out there could be forgiven for not remembering the under-appreciated Tribes franchise. Set as one of the early pioneers of online shooters, Tribes and Tribes 2 set the standard for large scale, online warfare. Using futuristic weaponry, jetpacks and "skiing", this frantic experience helped to define what we all expect from online shooters today.

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camel_toad2520d ago

I just started playing a few days ago but I love it. If you're a Tribes vet you'll feel right at home and if you've never played Tribes then you'll realize there is no better fps combat. Battling at what can feel like 100mph is really fun.

hellerphant2520d ago

Exactly! I will admit, it did take me a little while to get used to it again. Oh Tribes, it has been so long!