Dead Island Sells 3m Copies

Deep Silver today announced their breakout hit Dead Island isn't slowing down yet, shipping a further 1 million units since it hit 2 million worldwide back in September, thanks to strong holiday sales.

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BlackTar1872494d ago

Good now get back in studio and fix the glaring issues because this idea is awesome the execution was questionable.

Looking forward to part 2

BiggCMan2494d ago

Yea it was really bad on the console versions, but on PC it is A LOT better on the eyes, believe me.

JsonHenry2494d ago

I played the PC version and thought it was a damn good game.

BiggCMan2494d ago

Yea it was a great game all around, but on PS3, there is this HORRID motion blur effect that just hurts your eyes after a while, it feels like there is a bad glare from a window behind you or something, like all the time.

BlmThug2494d ago

The concept as you stated was great but the execution was flawed.

BiggCMan2494d ago

Good game despite what everyone says about it. Yes, it had it's problems, but most have been fixed. Personally, I think the console versions are annoying to play because of the horrible motion blur, and it's much smoother on PC in general so that is what I am basing my opinion on. The PC version of this game is very good, the console version is still very fun, but a little more annoying. I'm glad this new I.P sold well, it was a good game underneath all the hatred it got.

BlackTar1872494d ago

I liked it . I def. beat it 2x.

Just know that the idea is endless and has so much potential

Paragon2494d ago

I hate to bring this up, but it was pretty dissapointing to find out the game is nothing like their popular trailer. If it had any heartfelt moments, and dramatic sequences like that, it would have been amazing in terms of characters and story, I think.

Either way, good to see great sales for games.

VsAssassin2494d ago

Yes, that was what made this game irksome and a disappointment for some, if not many. When that trailer was launched, I was moved. The heartfelt execution of the trailer was melodramatic and worthy of the term 'classic'. But when the game came out, it was nothing like that.

No worries, as The Last of Us will be a game as emotional as the trailer of Dead Island conveys. At least Naughty Dog promises it to be!

TopDudeMan2494d ago

Well, that's not surprising. I just bought it about 2 weeks ago.

DasBunker2494d ago

because we all know when the TopDudeMan buys a game means its selling well.

TopDudeMan2494d ago

What I'm saying is it's not surprising to me because I bought it, recently. And the sarcasm is not appreciated.

aPerson2494d ago

I think DasBunker was only joking around, mate. But yeah, there are still a lot of people I know who have just recently purchased the game too. It's good to see it doing so well.

I've got my fingers crossed that it ends up as one of the daily deals on Steam. If not, I'll pick it up at the already discounted price.

kreate2494d ago

I didnt like the game. but I loved the trailers.

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