SBG Review | Magicka: The Stars Are Left: Lovecraft meets spellcraft

Graham Russell: "The team over at Arrowhead Studios has been rewarding faithful Magicka fans with regular DLC packs, from maps to equipment to a player-vs.-player arena. What made the original so fun, though, was the campaign, full of interesting set-pieces and ludicrous geek culture references, as well as the progression of finding more and better spells.

Now, they’ve delivered on a second story in Magicka: The Stars Are Left, and it has a clearly Lovecraftian bent. Yes, it’s largely a re-tread, and we mean that literally as you’ll be walking through the same areas you did last time. But with a few modifications, all-new enemies and a different plot, it feels new enough. It’s a good reason for those who jumped on the original early to come back to a game that has seen a lot of polish work and fun new content packs in the intervening time."

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Snookies122545d ago

Hope to get this soon, just got Magicka a couple of days ago and it's hilariously awesome. I do hope a Magicka 2 is perhaps in the works!