GTA IV: The Biggest Secret About The Delay + Brand New Images + GTA IV vs Real Life in NY

The biggest secret about Grand Theft Auto 4 revealed. GTA IV fans certainly been patient. After nearly ruining everyone's Christmas by delaying GTA IV until next year (the exact ship date is still unknown), Rockstar suffered a bout of deja vu when their controversial action game Manhunt 2 was banned in several countries due to excessive violence.

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Hydrollex6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

F the countries who banned Manhunt 2 ! Damn ! they cannot even controll their country. U.S. The best country for gaming !!!

Saint Sony6034d ago

Haha, USA is the most hypocrite country in a whole world.
You guys even bleep every swear word, or blur boobs and asses if they happen to flash in some stupid reality show.

Come to Europa it is porn and violence all the way! No blurring at all and swearing is allowed + many more NORMAL things that USA might consider illegal or bad or evil or any other excuse of letting people having fun.

ry-guy6033d ago

It's a conflict of cultures in the USA.

The Puritan roots to the country still run strong and are the reason why every flash of skin is blurred and every potential cuss word is bleeped.

The Liberal half of society is the one that pushes the envelope that makes every boob blurred and every cuss word bleeped. They push the evelope while you have the conservative half tries to push it back.

It's a conflict of two different cultural values, that is far from hypocritical.

Try understanding the society before you critize it. It's hypocritical of Europe to claim we don't understand anything outside of our own borders when it is you who do not understand what goes on inside our borders.

InMyOpinion6033d ago

What did you learn from the incident at Columbine? That some people are born evil and that it was Gods will?


Wii60_FTW6033d ago

You forgot the best reason "Europa" beats amerika, you can have sex with underage teen girls! YES!!!! I love their porn.

Muppetmeat6033d ago (Edited 6033d ago )

Take a census of which countries are flipping out over video game violence... you'll find they're the Europee-ons. Go stink up a latte bar with your funky body odor, wear your dirty turtle-neck sweaters, braid your girlfriend's armpit hair and smoke some more clove cigarettes. Oh yeah.. don't forget to blast your American-made music before you go watch your American-made movies and then make Coca-Cola richer by being stupid enough to buy it and then pour it out on the street in protest.

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Blademask6034d ago

Its choppy on here, and the PS3. I havent checked it on the 360 yet.

Shaka2K66034d ago

Sell alot of units more then everything the xbug 360 has sold in Japan in 2 years, PS3 will sell it in one hour hehe.

OC_MurphysLaw6033d ago

Shaka2k6...you just....you are so....

awe nevermind.

iNcRiMiNaTi6033d ago

2 episodic downloads thatll make the game even longer.

InMyOpinion6033d ago

Since Rockstar tried out their RAGE engine on the 360 with Table Tennis I really don't get what you're saying. The 360 wasn't new to them like the PS3. Then there's the history of inferior multi platform games on the PS3. You need to check your facts.

mighty_douche6034d ago

Ummm they are mostly real life pictures???

InMyOpinion6033d ago

Brand new real life pictures.

AbyssGravelord6033d ago (Edited 6033d ago )

lol at the brand new real life pictures lol +1 bubble for you!

HeartlesskizZ6034d ago

im liking the water effect..not as much as UDF but is looking fun to cruise on those bouts =)