Ridge Racer 7 Replay Footage

All this week 1UP have been previewing Ridge Racer 7.

Friday's update is a video containing plenty of replay footage - while the 1UP guys talk to the developers..

Still looks like it has a little way to go and they won't state the release date but for all the RR fans out there it's certainly looking promising..

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LiquifiedArt5854d ago

Exception for the PS1 RR, which was sweet! I'l proably pick this up, for some arcadish drifting when i'm not really drifting in GT.

Looks liek its got good replay value.

joemutt5854d ago

We literally had a code of silence while the other person was playing. We got that deep in the game. We could look at the time clock as a player passed by certain objects on the track, and could calculate their finishing time 2 laps before the finish. We were that serious about racing. But a year later we got drivers licenses.

shotty5854d ago

I can imagine Kaiz opening TGS with Ridge Racer for the PS3. And possibly announcing it as a launch title.

beans5853d ago

Not impressed with this one but it does look alot better than the 360 version!

UrbanJabroni5853d ago

And this site was doing so well. I too think the game looks good, but the comparison to the 360 game is really unecessary. This is Ridge Racer 7, after all, and the 360 game is Ridge Racer 6. Not to mention the RR7 is being released a full year after RR6.

Donkey Slayer5853d ago

It should look better, It is coming out a year later.

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