'Grand Theft Auto' publisher plays it safe (cancelled Snow)

Over the past year, Take Two has seemingly shied away from its reputation as the industry bad boy. "Bully," a game that tells the story of a troublesome schoolboy who stands up to bullies and teachers and pulls pranks around campus, is reportedly still under development, but is surrounded by a corporate cone of silence. And Take Two recently (and very quietly) cancelled "Snow," a real-time strategy game that let you advance from a marijuana smuggler to drug kingpin, managing an international smuggling operation.

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deepio6621d ago

Lol! Those boys at Take Two have got some keerraazy ideas...

PS360PCROCKS6615d ago

dude they rock, and atleast their ideas are innovative and new even if it does deal with being a druglord lol


The Incredible 'ESPN NFL 2K5' Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary This Month

Yes, July 20th will mark the exact 20-year point for this classic sports title, which made its debut on the original Xbox (and PlayStation 2) to incredible reviews. The Xbox release actually has the best Metacritic rating of the two as it's a slightly better version, with the average sitting at a whopping 92/100. Yes, this game really was that good!

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thorstein2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Can we get a remaster? It's still the best NFL game out there.

INMATEofARKHAM1d 18h ago

Not a chance on an official remaster but the PC mod scene should be able to help you out.


Celebrating 21 Years of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" – A Timeless RPG Classic

"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," released today in 2003, remains a beloved RPG classic with deep storytelling and immersive gameplay. Relive the adventure!

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TheNamelessOne6d ago

Great game, but the second was better. Especially on PC where you can use the unofficial patch that adds a lot of the content the didn't get to finish before release.

GaboonViper6d ago

One of the GOATS when BioWare were on top of their game, also has one of gamings best twists.

sci4me4d ago

It was one of those "wow-moments"

GaboonViper4d ago

Yes exactly, i also love Jade Empire which also had a great twist in a superb story.


Xbox Gamers Getting Spam Messages From Console DMs

Xbox gamers are asking Microsoft for help, as spam messages are flooding their in-game inbox with the same message from different users.