Get Saints Row: The Third for $30

If you are a PC gamer, Amazon is offering a low price for Saints Row: The Third.

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TheSanchezDavid3265d ago

Awesome game. Easily worth the original price tag, but if this doesn't get PC gamers to buy it, I don't know what will.

Tanir3265d ago

this game soo fun, everyone should play it, i dont even like gta type games buut this game made me a huge fan, I dont like SR2 tho, i bought it for 5 bucks and i can see the enourmous step forward they took with this game, its amazing, i soooo want more of it!

Spenok3265d ago

To bad that price isnt available for the console versions. I would have been on top of it had it been.

BuffMordecai3265d ago

They had a deal at Best Buy last Tuesday offering the game for $30. Sorry you missed it.

Spenok3265d ago

I had heard about it... and even thought about it. However i was unsure at the time if buying it was actually worth it.

I asked in the comments section but nobody replied. Oh well i guess.

Ill pick it up after BMT.

Wagz223264d ago

Best buy offering it for $30 was awesome but then I had a $10 gift card for using the cyber Monday thing so I got it for $20! Freaking amazing!

DonaldBeck3265d ago

i seen some gameplay and this game looks really fun, im just overwhelmed with games right now i dont even know where to start.