Rumor: Mega Man to Scramble into Battle on Wii?

This one remains a Rumor with a capital "R," but given the strange sort of way that Rockman (and hence, Mega Man) news tends to trickle down in the strangest of ways before an official announcement is made, it's not too hard to believe this to be true. On the other hand, it IS considerably more rare for the US "Mega Man" interation to get first mention, so get equipped with "Grain of Salt" before reading further and challenging Rumor Man.

Rockman Synergy Commons, via NeoGAF and C3 News, has come across an interesting tidbit in the form of a purported Retailer List featuring a number of new Capcom games. Among no-brainers such as MegaMan Star Force 2 for the DS and not-unexpected titles like Zack & Wiki 2 for the Wii lies one new yet familiar gem, shining amidst the other titles like a diamond in the rough: Mega Man Scramble Battle.

However, as RMSC notes, sites that have hosted the list have had to take them down, but at least one seems to have defined the genre of this new title: "Action/RPG."

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cloud360-7th_account4626d ago

As soon as this htis the Wii it will mark the end.

Just like when Megaman went 3d. By bye.

Anyhow megaman is simple. But FFVI was the best 2D game i ever played.

Suck it FFVIII tards eat .... Love stories suck

Forget the above sentance b4 u agree or disagree

superman4625d ago

For your information asshat, Final Fantasy VIII rocked. Your a punk.

wiizy4625d ago

cnt wait capcom makes great games... and a few more wii exclusives can only help.. after all wii is whats selling