3DS Tops 10m Units Globally Through December 10, 2011

After launching in late February in Japan and late March in the West, Nintendo's 3DS has topped 10m units globally through the first full week of December 2011.

Through December 10, 2011, global 3DS sales are in fact just over 11m units. The system has been available for 37 weeks in the US, 38 weeks in Europe, and 42 weeks in Japan. If we used those same number of weeks by region for other platforms over the last decade, we can see that 3DS has been performing rather well since its price cut, although even with the cut the launch pace is still not quite historically fast. Figures below are aligned sales in the same number of weeks 3DS has been available from launch.

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Titanz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

But BC (backward capability) is the best feature the 3DS has to offer.

eagle213204d ago

With over 11 million already and sold 1.3m last week (vgchartz data), it's safe to say around 15 million by Dec. 31st. Nintendo even beat their first year DS numbers already. 3DS ftw!

klecser3204d ago

Didn't they say their US goal was 4 million units? 3.5 so far looks like they will hit it. Of course, the price drop is a big factor in that, but clearly the goal is that more units means more software sales. Everybody knows that software is where the real money is made in the game industry (i.e. PS3/Vita sold at a loss too)

MizTv3204d ago

i got mine when they had the price cut and i very happy with it!!

klecser3204d ago

And I got mine right before the price cut, but these last 10 GBA games have erased any regrets I had. I'm not ashamed to say that Yoshi's Island is FUN!