The Great PS Vita Size Comparison

Is the PS Vita bigger than the Nintendo 3DS? What about bigger than an orange? Or an Ultraman figure?

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CynicalVision3643d ago

It's bigger than an orange, that's a deal breaker for me. :P

zerocrossing3643d ago

Nah, that could be a satsuma they are smaller ;D

zerocrossing3643d ago

The orange pic is hilarious! xD do oranges all come in one size now?

GirlyGamer3643d ago

These pictures were very informative./s

BlmThug3643d ago

I remember the articles a year back saying the PSV was going to a huge and would not fit in your pocket How those "facts" are now proved to be pure shite. The PSV is awesome and the perfect size

CloseSecond3643d ago

Will it slip into your pocket when using wired phones?

Darkfocus3643d ago

dude unless your wearing cargo pants that'll never fit in your pocket comfortably...It's bigger than a 3DS which is already too big for pockets..

CloseSecond3642d ago

I have no doubt it would fit into the inner pocket of a suit jacket but not if your using wired headphones. Also doubt it would easily slide in/out because of the protruding controls.

I gurantee you that Sony wont show the device being slipped into a pocket in its marketing campains.

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