Half-Life has the best start to any video game.

Sudogamer writer Cheez writes: "It was Half Life. I’d never heard of it."
"Fast forward 13 years. I still think it has the best and most effective introduction to any video game to date. Allow me to take you on my 16 minute journey as we plunge headfirst into the work of Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman and crowbars."

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DatNJDom812861d ago

MGS4 and GOW2 and GOW3 say "HI HOW ARE YA!!!"

sudogamer2861d ago

Gears Of War? Come off it - linear console shooter.. not even a FPS. Shouldn't be compared with Half-Life, ever.

PhantomTommy2861d ago

He probably meant God Of War, but he's still wrong.

_Aarix_2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

What i leanrned on here is if theyre involving one ps3 exclusove then their involving anotherr.

GearsOfWar2861d ago

How is Half-Life not linear?

I'm sorry, but it doesn't make sense to mention a title being linear as if it's a bad thing, when the game you're talking about is linear.

You said Gears of War is a Linear Console Shooter. Well what is Half-Life, then?

I'm pretty sure Orange Box is also a console game, and I'm also sure it's a shooter.

Let's put all these together now. Half-Life is a linear console shooter.

That's better. Don't you agree?

MariaHelFutura2861d ago

GOW3 is a pretty good start to a game aswell.... C'mon now.

-Superman-2861d ago

GoW = God of War
Geow = Gears of War, or just Gears

lastdual2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Honestly, MGS4's opening was not even the best opening in the MGS series.

God of War 3's opening was epic and does deserve mention in "best opening stages", but really it was still just a larger-than-life action set piece. GOW1's opening was far more interesting in terms of narrative.

Half-Life's opening set the environment and the mood perfectly. It started the plot rolling totally in-game, without any need for cut scenes (MGS) or a narrator (GOW). HL showed that games can keep you in control of the action and still tell a great story. Not to mention that you began the game feeling like just another scientist in the Black Mesa facility. You weren't "video game super hero guy!", you were just Gordon Freeman. HL did a fantastic job of putting you in character right from the start, then added mystery and even a sense of responsibility...

Altogether, Half-Life's opening still has yet to be beat.

Biggest2861d ago

How can you praise a thing and marginalize it at the same time? The GoW3 opening was epic. Period. Or... The Half Life opening and beginning was epic, but it was pretty much just a movie and some moving around.

NegativeCreepWA2861d ago

I would give it to Prey, even though the rest of the game sucked the opening was amazing.

kramun2861d ago


While I wouldn't say the game sucked, although the shooting wasn't that great, I agree about the opening, it was excellent.

sudogamer2861d ago

@NegativeCreepWA - Will definitely try Prey!

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floetry1012861d ago

Consider though, that Half Life dropped about a decade before all of those titles.

It was one of the first of its kind to utilize first person story foreshadowing through images and easter eggs alone.

It's a pioneering work that probably inspired Kojima's MGS2 trailer at E3 2001 and a host of Jaffe's future titles.

dark-hollow2861d ago

Not very long before someone shove the ps3 and it exclusives in your face...

Tarantino_Life2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

GOW3 Opening pwns Half Life opening - Read this

etc etc..
GOW3 opening pwns every other opening out there

sudogamer2861d ago

I respect your opinion; but disagree. Did you see the video ( or indeed play through Hl1 yourself at release?

It's unbeatable. Read the article for why :)

Redgehammer2861d ago

I understand your opinion; however, The fact you list pushstart, and destructoid as credible sources really does not help your argument.(IMO, of course)

Ace_Man_62861d ago

and this sort of comment is why you have 1 bubble

jthamind2861d ago

it's been a while since i played the original Half-Life, but i'd have to say that God of War 2 and 3 and Uncharted 2's openings are just as good, if not better.

CapsLocke2861d ago

Great game and great opening, can't believe it's already 13 years, and it still put any other game to the knees.

kneon2861d ago

I only got half-life and the rest of the half-life games a couple years ago in some big steam sale. I'd never played it nor even seen it before then, only read about people raving how fantastic it was.

So when I finally got to playing it it was a huge let down. I've only put a few hours into it and haven't touched it in over a year because it just feels kind of dull.

I'm sure it was great for it's time but without the nostalgia goggles on it seems to be nothing special.

CapsLocke2861d ago

I agree, but trust me, it was a blast in that time much more, then GoF and MGS in it's own period.

kneon2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I don't doubt that it was great at the time. I remember playing pong when it first came out and it was fantastic for the time as well, but now it's just lame.

There are very few of the old time games that can still hold their own against current games when viewed objectively.

mynameisEvil2861d ago

I'd have to disagree. Being only a year old when Half-Life came out, I obviously didn't play it at release. But for most of these 14 years of my life, I'd started the game, got bored, then moved on to something I thought was cooler.

Sometime early last year, I decided I'd give it just ONE more go. For whatever reason, I had gotten into the groove of the game and it now stands as one of the best gaming experiences of my life. And this was 2010. It can still hold its own, easily. I mean, sure, it looks like shit, but it plays better than most games you'll play even today.

TopDudeMan2861d ago

Demon's souls is also an excellent opening. It doesn't really have a great story per se. But it lets you pwn some weak enemies to start with, then puts you up against a boss who you clearly aren't ready to fight yet. Thus, setting the tone of hopelessness and despair for the rest of the game.

sudogamer2861d ago

Being a PC gamer I haven't played Demon's Souls - sounds interesting, though. I'll have to give it a try at some point, thanks!

roadkillers2861d ago

I never thought of it like that. I figured it was just a tutorial.

TopDudeMan2861d ago

Well, it is, but if you think about it, it's really psychological. The game pretty much says "okay, now if you step out of line we're gonna do this to you"

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