The Most Surprisingly Enjoyable Games of 2011

Console Domination writes: To continue our series of articles summarising the best and worst of 2011, today we are going to go off on a little bit of a tangent to celebrate the sleeper hits of the year. You know, those little titles that could. Everybody has one - that one game spotted on the shelf of your local retailer or in the bargain bin that you purchased on a whim and that ultimately rewarded you with a gaming experience to match it with the best of them. So what titles surprised us in 2011?

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BiggCMan2767d ago

Dead Island is a lot better than everybody said it was, it's crazy fun to play with friends, and there's lots you can do with the weapon mods.

Allowen2766d ago

This year's surprise to me was Yakuza 4 .
I never played a Yakuza game before and all I knew was that it looked like a GTA game but without cars and had street fighting instead of shooting

The GoTY to me is Skyrim followed by Yakuza 4 in second.

ShaunCameron2766d ago

Though this game wasn't much of a surprise, I enjoyed playing Alice: Madness Returns. I can't recall another game where the character could triple-jump from platform to platform.

SolidGear32766d ago

Catherine = Best. Game. Ever.

Spenok2766d ago

Shadows of the Damned was a damned good game (yeah yeah that was on purposed) and im NOT surprised.

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