Lost Oddysey Wows!

NextGen take a look at Oddysey and were quite surprised with the results!

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Islandkiwi5853d ago

JRPG's (and especially FF) have felt like they've been in a rut for years. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Sakaguchi can rescussitate the industry.

Silverwolf5853d ago

I have a feeling this will be the Xbox 360's FF VII. And I can't wait till it's here!

TheMART5853d ago

Well it's not difficult to get that feeling if a resource like this says it straight away I guess.

Looking foreward to that demo on marketplace to check it out myself!

Sidherich5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I dont think we will see the demo on US/EU marketplaces anywhen soon.

They said that this demo is for TGS and that it will be available on a Famitsu in Oktober.
Even after that it will most likely only appear in Japanese Marketplace with the US/EU demo coming about half a year later maybe

Silverwolf5853d ago

I was referring to what FFVII did for the PS1 this game might do it for the Xbox 360. FFVII was my first RPG this was the game that got me hooked to RPG's. And to be honest I still haven't come across an RPG that could grab me like FFVII did. I really hope this game does.

sepiroth65853d ago

I have downloaded a couple of demos from the japanese marketplace here in europe and i dont think there will be a problem downloading the demo next week which i will play about a 100 times for sure

beans5853d ago

I have also downloaded content from japan and I stay here in America! All you need to do is set up a silver account over there!

f1r3waII K1LL3r5852d ago

Im looking foward to any demo especially a japanese RPG they always get those right.

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