Starhawk Beta Impressions: PlayStation LifeStyle

PSLS: The spiritual successor to the fantastic multiplayer game, Warhawk, LightBox Interactive’s Starhawk is now in private beta, so we’ve taken a look at the game to see if it can live up to its predecessor.

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doctorstrange3635d ago

On Warhawk, so yeah, I'm getting this.

Insomnia_843635d ago

I'm in the Online Private Beta and the game is awesome!!

Lifewish3635d ago

Loved warhawk, so can't wait for this!!

Bathyj3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

I hope the single player is substantial.

I miss the original Warhawk. Even though I know its a good game I was gutted when they said WH PS3 would be MP only. Thats just not my thing.

Maybe Sony should resurrect Dropship. Anyone remember that game. It had potential for a great franchise.

M-M3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

First come first server if your not in the Starhawk private beta! CL8T-PQN5-AGQH

NoOoB1013635d ago

Thank you =D..i decided to try the code and it let me use it. Been wanting to play this game for awhile so thank you

wUTTer3635d ago

that was pretty nice.. still looking for a code because once again my email is empty during a Beta

CloseSecond3635d ago

I have to say that I was not big on Warhawk but I'm actually really enjoying Starhawk. I can see it being damned addictive.

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