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Sony explains reason for Playstation 3D Display price drop

VGW: Earlier in the week, we noticed that had cut the display from $499 to $399. Then, we noticed match it, followed by the Sony Style store. Was this a case of price-matching, or had Sony officially dropped the price? To be sure, we reached out to a representative at Playstation and got this official reply.

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Community3330d ago
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PCRockStar3330d ago

It's not selling and 3d is flopping. Look at the numbers folks.

RememberThe3573330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I think it's more that the glasses are a flop. I don't mind the idea of 3d gaming, I like the movies, I just don't want to sit there for hours with classes on just to play a game. A 3d movie every once in a while is one this but in my house on my tv I don't want to be wearing glasses all the time.

But thats just me.

inveni03329d ago

Well, you don't HAVE to wear glasses all the time. That's the thing. If you don't want to watch in 3D, then don't. It's not like a 3DTV is 3D all the time. You can choose when to go for 3D...just like at the movie theater.

I think the biggest turn off is the expensive glasses. I think the newer passive 3DTVs will be a better sell than the active shutter glasses. Some people will want the better picture, but people with kids like mine are more interested in having glasses that can be tossed into the wall or accidentally sat on without shattering.

Also, 3D is far from flopping. Saying it's flopping is like saying HDTV is flopping back in 2007. It takes time. Development of the 3DTVs isn't slowing. If it was slowing, we could consider cutting production to be an indication of "flopping", but it's not. 3DTV will soon be pretty standard, and when you by a new TV, it'll have 3D. Whether or not you use it will be up to you.

irepbtown3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

With movies, there are only a FEW that actually look absolutely amazing in 3D.
Avatar, Transformers, Tin Tin, Inception, and a few others (Btw I've watch these in Imax, normal 3D, and normal screens).
Not alot. The rest just ruin the film, Clash of the Titans is a good film, but the 3D just ruined it completely.

With gaming, if they can invent some sort of hologram then that would be brilliant. But 3D is just not that great today.

Army_of_Darkness3329d ago

It was to [email protected] small!! 24"?!?! Like really Sony?! Wtf?! If it was at least a 32" TV then hell yes I would have bought it!

gamingdroid3330d ago

Glasses are definitely part of the problem, but there is more to it than that. The 3D effect itself isn't pleasant to many, and the price is sky high. It's also very uncomfortable to view long periods of time as it strains the eyes.

For $400's I can easily get a 40" LED these days. Do you want 3D or twice the screen size?

Prices will come down, people will buy it, but by then it is hardly a selling point. Consumers don't seem to care anymore....

ShoryukenII3330d ago

What about people that already wear glasses? :(

gamingdroid3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

You mean like me?

I wear glasses, so when using 3D I have to use contact lenses or put the 3D glasses in front of my regular glasses in a very uncomfortable manner.

The good news is that the wow factor of 3D wears off pretty quickly....

badz1493330d ago

40" LED for $400? I think you meant LCD with LED backlight.

3D was, is and will always be an extra feature and personally I think it's really nice bar some games!

I wear glasses and I wear 3D glasses over my glasses too. a bit awkward at 1st but it's a well thought design for people with or without glasses. I have a Samsung Plasma 3D btw and I play all 3D games in 3D for hours without much problem and totally loving it! Uncharted 3 3D is straight out gorgeous!

gamingdroid3330d ago

Frankly, they just say LED so I'm assuming it is LED TVs. They seem to pop up on those deal sites from time to time.

I have seen the LED-LCD, which you are referring to with the cheaper brands. The other day, Best Buy had a 32" LED Panasonic for $300!

etebitan3329d ago

at shoryukenll my passive 3d tv comes with 3 pairs of glasses and one pair that's special to fit on normal glasses... that sould be the norm right??

Frankfurt3329d ago

Using 3D glasses over regular glasses isn't uncomfortable at all. 3D glasses are made to cover even big regular glasses. I would know, i have 3 different glasses, two of them fairly big.

frelyler3329d ago

You know nothing. You can get a 46 inch plasma which technically speaking still has better black levels and color production with a refresh rate that blows any non plasma out of the water that is 3D for around $600 usd. Panasonic makes one of the best so don't tell me its a crappy brand im referring to. Why do people still bring up price? 3d tv s are the same price as standard hdtvs were a year and a half ago. Do everyone a favor and stop babbling nonsense like a faux news anchor. Does someone pay you to talk nonsense about 3D? That is one of the only reasons I an think of that would explain your comment. Either that or your a moron.

STONEY43329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Basically all "LED" TVs are LCDs with an LED backlight. There's no such thing as just an LED TV. It's the backlight, the advantage being that it saves energy.

If you're going to mention OLED, it's something else entirely.

Sevir3329d ago

I Got a Passive 3d TV from Vizio for 600 bucks back in september and its a 42 inch, full HD 1080p 120hz wifi. and Its actually very enjoyable! You toggle the 3d experience on and off, its nothing to really be put off by! Ive enjoyed plenty of of great 3d content in games, Uncharted 3, Pictures via the Evo 3d and ofcourse movies!!! people are talking about high prices need to research! 3d TV's are getting much more attractive and more affordable its why manufactures continue to make more!

The Most successful have been LG and Vizio who use the passive glasses, because they are very inexspensive and compatible with each other, and dont look dorky like the active shutter glasses!

gamingdroid3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Ironically with all this chatter, the monitor has dropped another $100 and is now $299! WOW!

Still about a $100 too much though.

Source for those that want it:

... but it will be $200-250 in January.

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ForROME3329d ago

Agreed; 3D is flopping...again

evilunklebud3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Agree... it seems to be struggling....

The day we get rid of the glasses is the day I look at the tech.

clrlite3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )


Yes, judging by the "number" of disagrees you have, 3D is not flopping.

Just looking at the numbers.

I happen to have a TV capable of 3D and just bought a 3DS on ebay. The masses will buy these devices in droves when they are hyped, cheap, and made to seem practical. If you don't think the easily sold public will buy 3D, give it a bit more thought.

tigertron3329d ago

Its probably because those disagreeing already bought 3DTVs and don't want to accept that 3DTVs with glasses will be on their way out in a few years. Electronics companies like Sony are already working on glasses free TVs, but they still need to work on them.

That said, I think 3DTVs do look awesome. I watched some Jpop video on a 60 inch Samsung, and it looked fantastic. Although I am with the anti-glasses crowd.

wsoutlaw873328d ago

how does sony working on improving 3d by getting rid of the glasses mean that 3d is flopping?

showtimefolks3329d ago

I think more people are buying 3d tv than ever before but it needs more content.

The biggest issue for me is the extra glasses I already wear glasses so I don't want to wear one on top of that. If Sony or who ever makes a good 3d tv that does not require glasses I will happily spend 2500-3500 on it. Until than I am holding out. But I do need a tv and maybe down the road I can lick it up but I also wish it was a little bigger

JsonHenry3329d ago

The ONLY reason any company would lower their price is to either stay competitive or try to boost lagging sales. Typically both go hand in hand..

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Ddouble3330d ago

Sony should drop it in the UK as well.

TitanUp3330d ago

tried 3d gaming on pc and 3ds and i didn't like either 3d gaming just isn't for me i don't like motion gaming either.

kramun3330d ago

It wasn't selling. Simple as that.

kaozgamer3329d ago

they have some pretty bad advertisements for it over here in australia, if they are even selling it here coz i havnt seen the display anywhere

NBT913330d ago

Answer - the total sales figures stood at about 4.

Hicken3329d ago

Then we must have sold all four at my store.

gamingdroid3329d ago

... and Hicken probably bought all four himself.