Lost Odyssey demo found

Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi is hoping that attendees at next week's Tokyo Game Show find something to like in the demo of his latest effort, Lost Odyssey.

The latest Weekly Famitsu features an interview with Sakaguchi, formerly of Square, in which he revealed that a demo for his anticipated role-playing game has been completed and is ready for TGS. It reportedly requires about an hour to clear and allows the player to work through the opening scenes of the game, which Famitsu called a "seamless" integration of movie and game play. This demo will also be distributed with an issue of Famitsu sometime in November.

While the demo is apparently pretty polished, Sakaguchi is fairly self-deprecating about the fruits of his labor.

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original seed5865d ago

it should be awesome. I'll have to wait and see. No JRPG has got my attention lately. The last 3 i played and liked were FF7 on PS, Grandia and Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. Im very much looking foward to BlueDragon and LostOdyseey. These should turn out to be AAA games.

COVER GIRL5865d ago

This game will help Microsoft sell tons of 360's in America and Japan.

NextGen24Gamer5865d ago

I agree. I can't wait for Blue Dragon and this game. The JRPG's need some new fresh games. This one looks to be a definate AAA title and system seller.

Cyclonus5865d ago

"So I checked out the first 15 action-packed minutes of the nearly hour long Lost Odyssey TGS demo yesterday and I was completely blindsided by how f'ing awesome this game looks and feels (in the emotion stirring sense).

I don't know if this game is going to "steal TGS" or sell a million Xbox 360s in Japan, but goddamn it is an impressive piece of work that will turn a lot of heads. Takehiko Inoue's art direction has taken on a maturity that goes even beyond his work in Vagabond, and seeing it in motion in both the CG and real-time graphics makes me think that his future isn't in manga but rather in 3D and games.

But what really got to me beyond the FF-style combat vs. like 1000 enemies and seamless integration of real-time and CG graphics is the way Lost Odyssey conveys a sense a mystery around its main character (who apparently is immortal). I walked away from the demo immediately wanting to know more about the game's scenario -- hero, villains, f'ed up world, everything.

I haven't played a J-RPG and haven't wanted to play one since... ****, I can't even remember, and now I suddenly can't wait for Mistwalker to finish the damn game. :P"

"In-game graphics in LO look shockingly close to CG. when the movie transitioned into gameplay, the seamlessness with which it happened literally shot chills down my spine. I was like, WTF...."

W O W...

calderra5864d ago

The era of people saying the Xbox lacks Japanese support is over'd.

pRo loGic II5865d ago

Microsoft is going to rule TGS as they did E3-2006, watch!. They know wich show is most effective/important to show off the goods. The people of Japan are waiting for this game to carry the burdon of FF to the next-gen arena. If you think these look good wait till TGS fore these are vary old pics. The power of green, jump-in, welcome chang3. welcome to the future of gaming.

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