Would you buy Call of Duty 9: Realistic Warfare?

Jamie at Product-Reviews writes: Many believe that the biggest problem with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is its unrealistic arcady multiplayer game modes - would you buy a Call of Duty game which consisted primarily of more life-life warfare or do you not mind the noob tubing and halo jumping etc?

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h311rais3r2592d ago

I already did. It's called battlefield 3.

thespaz2592d ago

Didn't take the haters long to comment on this one.

Sorry to say, but Battlefield 3 is not realistic. Graphics are pretty nice, but it's not realistic in the slightest.

BattleTorn2592d ago

I don't really have any issue with either games realism; I find BF3's action feels organic (due to the large maps).

CoDs maps are feeling more, and more like circle (a hamster in a maze comes to mind).
I think the last Call of Duty to have larger maps was [email protected]

h311rais3r2592d ago

Considerably more than cod. Bullet drop. Quick deaths. Recoil. Each weapon behaves similar to its real counterpart. Etc. it's not a simulator like arma no but it's the most realistic arcade shooter.

undercovrr2592d ago

You're right, is a video game, it can't be realistic. But it is realistic when compared to Call of Duty. Only a fool would deny that

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2592d ago


But Tbh I don't think Cod with Realism would work. Most people that play cod like it cause of it's twitchy fast gameplay and cheap killstreaks.
Even with a $15 pricetag I don't think it would fair to well. Especially since CS Reboot is coming out.

tails132592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

While I like BF3, its realism is debatable.

If you want realism, Arma is probably as close as it gets at moment.

_Aarix_2592d ago

If i wamt realism ill join the damn army

_Aarix_2592d ago

If i want realism ill join the damn army

BattleTorn2592d ago

I'll happily buy a CoD game once they expand to more than Close-Quater combat.

I want large scale, (which would probably involve introducing vehicles)

And a new engine, of course.

I'll happily support CoD once I get same feeling from their gameplay as I do watching some of the recent fan-made BF3 videos.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Cod 3 and Waw both tried integrating vehicles but they both were pretty bad with Cods gameplay style.

Besides you just described Battlefields gameplay, I don't think Cod will ever switch to that direction especially since It would then put their game at a handicap Vs Battlefield with its destruction and experience with this sort of gameplay. They'll stick to what they know best.

h311rais3r2592d ago

I actually preferred those cods. Cuz they played very diffrent

Kahvipannu2592d ago

CoD1 also had vehicles in multiplayer.

Yeah, they can't compete BF in it's own game, they will stick to the one thing they only can do :/

Why would people even want CoD to change like BF? Now people have two options, BF, and Hamsters in a bowl.

dark-hollow2592d ago

cod 9= call of duty black ops 2 (or any other generic title) made by treyarch.

have the same basic elements of mw3 and zombies mode will come back.

finalblink412592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

No, I wouldn't like it. A similar game already released, but I'm having trouble remembering the name since it was hyped out the ass but outsold 5:1. Take realism too far and it gets frustrating and boring very quickly.

Ask h311rais3r I'm sure he can tell you all about how awful it is.

Games are games, if I wanted realism I'd join the marines.

FragMnTagM2592d ago

Just change the name and the gameplay can stay the same.

There is nothing modern about the game except for the weapons.

The way in which the weapons are used, i.e. in close quarters with a Barret .50 cal? Yeah fuggin right.

Running around with a 30-50 pound sniper rifle jumping off a ledge doing a 360 and getting a no-scope headshot, definitely not modern warfare.

If they keep the name, make a game that really is representative of what it is like to be in a modern battle.

Like I said, I think the game just needs a name change. Imagine someone thinking about joining the Army after playing this game, their expectations will be shattered when they get into basic training, much less on the battlefield.

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