Binary Domain Leads The Way With Voice Control

360 Magazine: Binary Domain is reinventing how we talk to characters and is making Mass Effect’s efforts seem very short sighted. We chat to Binary Domain’s producer to find out if Sega’s latest can talk us round.

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Biglet3239d ago

I can't wait to see how practical this actually is. Does it work with Kinect and mic?

Dailynch3239d ago

Either way, it'll be awesome to talk to characters and actually have them react to you, even if it's only limited to 'gimme some ammo' or 'get to cover' or 'I love you'.

This looks ace.

slavish3239d ago

Like Bioware stated. Kinect has the commands already program into its software. They didn't need to spend extra time developing this feature. You will see alot more 360 games with this just like costume music.