D3 Forgets To Include Bikini Code With PS Vita Dream Club Zero

Dream Club Zero was supposed to ship for PlayStation Vita tomorrow with a bonus serial number for downloading a special costume for your hostesses. D3 said today that a portion of the first shipment does not include the code.

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Earth Defense Force 4.1 for Nintendo Switch Review | The Gamebutler

Here's a port that won't "bug" players. Now it just needs a U.S. release.

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Samurai Maiden Review: Kiss Kiss Hack Hack | SVG

Despite some clunkiness in its controls and camera, along with a surface-level narrative, "Samurai Maiden" knows exactly what it is and what it's trying to do.


D3 Publisher's New Game Tease By Summon Night Devs Gets New Details & Teases Characters

Following yesterday's tease, D3 Publisher revealed new details about its upcoming new game by the team behind Summon Night 5.

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Fluttershy771351d ago

I'm so old that when I read D3, I get exited cause I'm thinking on D and D2 hahaha