The Last Of Us: The First PS3 Game I Want

The unthinkable has happened, an Xbox gamer may want to purchase a Playstation 3, all because of the short trailer of The Last Of Us.

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StrongMan3199d ago

Let me get this straight. The author has never wanted a PS3 game? Really? How is that possible?

pangitkqb3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

In the piece he apparently has wanted other PS3 exclusives - cuz who wouldn't? - but for the first time ever one is making him think of purchasing. He resisted this long...but may crumble now.

Me? I'm loving my PS3 :)

miyamoto3199d ago

Crikey, interesting he liked Naughty Dog's game bcoz the first game that made me get the Ps3 was Uncharted 2

BulletToothtony3199d ago

me on the other hand I'm still waiting for the first game that makes me want to buy an xbox..

see how easy it is to say stupidities..

On a serious note Fable 2 is the reason why I'll will eventually get one, that and Mass Effect 1 so i can play the other 2 everything else i can live without.

morganfell3199d ago

If you are holding our against buying games because they are on another platform then you can hardly call yourself objective, a gamer, or an objective gamer. In the end the only person that you are hurting is yourself.

Wintersun6163199d ago


I completely agree with BulletToothtony and I believe neither of us are holding out against buying an Xbox360 because it's on "another console". I would get a Xbox360 ASAP if my financial situation allowed it, but at the moment I have a lot of far more important money sinks and will have to settle with one console for now.

inveni03199d ago

If "The Last of Us" is the first PS3 game you want, then you're an idiot. They haven't even shown gameplay. This article is written for hits, nothing else.

That being said, of course everyone is excited about "The Last of Us". Naughty Dog is incredible, the fidelity of the game is's a no brainer. Just like several other great PS3 exclusives.

@BulletToothtony, I actually AM still waiting for an Xbox game that will make me want an Xbox. I have played some of its "good" ones that have crossed over to PC, and I wasn't impressed. In fact, I didn't finish either Mass Effect. Just not my style of games on that system.

I definitely prefer Sony's approach to games, that's for sure.

Brosy3199d ago

I still have zero urge to buy a PS3. Community is too f**ked in the head. I love my 360 though. Great community.

inveni03198d ago

People act like you have to own all systems to get the "full" experience...but gaming is different on each system. Saying you aren't a gamer unless you have all systems is like telling someone they're not a movie-goer because they don't like to watch chick flicks or action movies or whatever.

It's stupid. There are different systems because people have different tastes. For me, the PS3 tastes like fajitas, and the 360 tastes like leftover tuna casserole. I'll eat the tuna casserole, but I won't pay for it.

gamingdroid3198d ago

Although there are other games I want on PS3, Last of Us by far is the most interesting exclusive beyond God of War and Uncharted to me.

Most of the others, I could care less about....

JoySticksFTW3198d ago

I bought a ps3 because I loved my ps2, the ps3 was backwards compatible, and many of ps2 exclusives would continue on with ps3.

Lost Oddessy and Blue Dragon made me get an Xbox360. Then it paid off with Dead Rising 1, Mass Effect, GeOW, and Bethesda games seeming to run better on it

Wii I got for Zelda and now it's catching dust until I play the new Zelda.

BattleAxe3198d ago

Its time for the youngster who wrote the article to pull off his Master Chief Helmet and spread his brain.

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potedude3199d ago

"Master Chief is my homeboy and I’m down with Mario Kart"

I think this says enough about the writer of this article. I am a PS3 fanboy but there are some games I would kill to have from the xbox, the writer is a tool.

jimineyscrickets3199d ago

Potedude...ur kinda blowing my mind. PS3 is my favorite console ever, but I love mario kart and the the halo series. Does liking thise make me a tool too? Does anybody who likes those games suddenly become a tool in ur eyes?

Ur trolling bro. The dude even talks about how awesome he thinks Uncharted looks, but that Last of Us intrigues him even more.

if there is a tool atound here it isnt the guy that wrote this this story.

pat_11_53199d ago

How does liking Halo and enjoying Mario Kart make me a tool? Seriously, I'd really like to know.

LettingGo3199d ago

In his defense, tools do LOVE Halo and Mario Kart. :) Those aren't bad games though, obviously.

Bathyj3199d ago

I dont think potedude is trying to say liking those games makes you a tool.

I think his point is anyone who likes those games, and obvisouly considers himself a gamer of good games, should have had plenty of reasons to have wanted a PS3 before The Last of Us.

Omegasyde3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@pat_11_5 --- Your a tool because:

(quote from article):
"I’ve grown up playing games on Nintendo and Microsoft consoles aam therefore naturally inclined to want to play titles on those systems.

.....haven’t wanted a PS3 before this point is extremely hard for many gamers to fathom."
You have grown up playing games on Nintendo and Microsoft consoles? Yet never considered a Ps1,PS2,PS3 (fair enough).
So I click the link "Why I am not buying a PS3"
Dated May 8th 2011 from the same author (You!)
Skim through and find out most of the reasons are invalid.
Example (quote)
"I’ve heard some titles like Killzone 3 have matchmaking, but I’ve also heard it isn’t as common for games to have it integrated into their online modes"
(You got the Ps3 confused with PS2?)

"I agree with your comments about LBP2 and Uncharted 2, those two titlesare what makes me want a PS3" (Comment Section, from Author)

HOW many games do you really need to justify purchasing a PS3? 1?2? 4? 5? 6? 8? 44?

Will we see the same story 2 months from now? Oh "I would totally buy a PS3 for Starhawk" etc.

potedude3198d ago

@jimineyscrickets, I said the writer is a tool, not anyone who likes those games.

1. For saying "Master Chief is my homeboy and I’m down with Mario Kart" - like who says that? Seriously.

2. For not having bought a PS3 for this long but still calling himself a serious gamer, or at least considering he is writing for a gaming website he would have to consider himself a serious gamer.

3. For not wanting to play PS3 exclusives. Wow!

I certainly wasn't saying anyone who plays those games is a tool, hope you didn't think so.

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Yui_Suzumiya3199d ago

Got my first PS3 in 2008 when they released the MGS4 bundle for $500. That was the last model they made that could play PS2 games. Unfortunately, it died in October so I bought a new 160GB slim for $250 last month.

gamingdroid3198d ago

I own the Limited Edition MGS4 bundle with the gunmetal grey material. It doesn't have BC either and got neutered by Sony removing OtherOS.

Just got Splinter Cell: Trilogy so I need to give it a whirl.

colonel1793199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Every time a new PS3 exclusive is announced we get this [Insert PS3 exclusive] will make me buy a PS3... Happened with Uncharted 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, etc.

There are so many games available by which a person can decide to buy a PS3. Whatever type of gamer you are, there is something for you, so having this article about a game 5 and a half after the PS3 launched, is just lame.

Omegasyde3199d ago

He already mentioned how he was going to buy it for LBP2 in the comments

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schlanz3199d ago

The unthinkable has happened, Xbox gamers are still in denial about wanting a PS3

Donlongdong6663198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

he probably has very very bad taste in games lol... not saying that the last of us is gonna be bad..

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xhedleyx3199d ago

Well, he kind of explains it in the story.... he seems to like Nintendo and Xbox franchises the most. Surprisingly he doesn't seem like a fan boy though.

I thought this was just going to be another PS3 Sony bashing story and I've seen more than enough of those.

rezzah3199d ago

You do know it is possible to want to stick to a certain company not out of fan loyalty, but due to simple history with systems from that company.

I'm like this with the PS, first system ever was PS1. I just naturally find my favorite games on the PS and see few other games that are attracting from other companies.

This doesn't mean that the others have nothing good about them, just personal choice without a bias.

pat_11_53199d ago

@rezzah That is exactly what I am saying in this story! Perhaps I should have got you to write it for me haha.

@Omegasyde It's hilarious that you've actually gone through a story from a year ago and examined my comments....

In this story I even admit that there are other titles that have caught my attention on the console... You might not agree with my reasons but that doesn't make them invalid.

Investing in a new console is a huge financial commitment, one that as a student, there is no way I can afford right now. I need to pick and choose the games I play and purchase, and because I've grown up playing Nintendo and Microsoft games, I'm naturally more inclined to want to play titles on those consoles.

Anyway, thanks for commenting.

Omegasyde3198d ago

@pat_11_5 ^^^6


May 8 2011 was about 6 months ago.

We are still in 2011.

And you claim financial hard times, in both articles. Which I know personally can strain a gamer's budget. So be it, and personally I hope that you earn enough side money with the website to afford a PS3.

The fact still remains.

You wanted a PS3 since the beginning of the year based off 2 others games. Now you want to buy a PS3 when off a "trailer" for a game coming out in late 2012 possible 2013. So when the game does get released which is almost a year away, will you have enough money by then?

Probably not, because you will buy a Wii-u instead since you have "grown up playing Nintendo and Microsoft games".

pat_11_53198d ago

You do realize you have posted a link to that story three times now.... I think you've made your point many times over.

However, It's still very flattering that this story has annoyed you enough to write a few mini-essays on it. I bet that was you that contacted me on Twitter as well?

Perhaps if you actually read both stories you'd understand how I feel about buying a PlayStation 3. I'm a student, and I run GameJudgment simply because I love gaming. Currently we make no money off the website, although we have in the past.

I don't have a lot of expendable income or time, so I really need to pick and choose the titles I play.

Of course if you actually read both stories objectively, and somehow managed to prevent your self from raging about the fact that I still don't own a PS3, you would already know that.

In heinsight maybe The Last Of Us story's headline was a little misleading. PS3 games have caught my attention before (I even mention this in the story) but I haven't seen a title yet that's made me willing to make me throw down hundreds of dollars on a console that I can't afford and probably won't have the time to play. I'm not bashing the machine and I never have, I'd honestly love to own one and I may pick one up shortly after boxing day.

I saw a cool trailer of a game I liked, so I wrote about it - this story boils down to that and that alone. Don't read into anymore than that and if you don't like opinionated blogging, don't read it. It's really as simple as that, there's no need to run a comprehensive web campaign against my existance, although like I said before, it really is flattering.

Like I said in the story, I grew up playing games on Xbox and Nintendo console's so I'm more inclined to be attracted to playing titles on those systems. You can disagree with my personal tastes, but that doesn't make them wrong. Because that's all they are, my personal tastes.

Anyway, thanks for commenting and please do check out some of my other articles. I assure they aren't all like this one.

Majin-vegeta3199d ago

The Last of us is another reason why i love gaming on Sony's machines.

Ezio20483199d ago

after all, it's power level is over 9000!!!

DeeZee3199d ago

This gave me a good laugh. Bravo Ezio, bravo!

NAGNEWS3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

over 9000!!!! lol

HeavenlySnipes3199d ago

What a shit article. These type of nonsense articles need to gtfo seriously......

Tarantino_Life3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

So Killzone 2-91 UC3-92, UC3-96,MGS4-94,RE-86, RE2-87,Heavy Rain -87, LBP -94, LBP2-92, GOW3- 92 etc etc etc did not make you want a ps3 but an unreleased game with no footage makes you want one. No wonder bots are hilarious. GTFO. No one gives a **** whether you are buying a ps3 or not. LMAO!

@Dougr - Then why did you buy your ps3? To play who wants to be a millionare? point being none of these games made him want a ps3 but an unreleased game with no gameplay footage made him want one? Lol now I know his gaming taste and yours as well

dougr3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

UC2/3 and GOW3 were the only games out of those you listed that I played and all I own is a ps3. Everyone has there own tastes and I certainly wouldn't have bought a ps3 for either of those three games.

Yui_Suzumiya3199d ago

No Heavy Rain, MGS4, Resistance 3 or KZ 2/3?! You make me sad :(

dougr3199d ago

I played a few of those, Heavy Rain was okay, not a system seller for me, MGS4 never played, Resistance all of them were awful, KZ 2/3 were both terrible as well, just my opinion.

Biggest3199d ago

"not a system seller for me"

But you said you already have a PS3. Where are you going with this?