PSU's exclusive Blacksite: Area 51 interview - PS3 demo dated

With the impending release of Blacksite: Area 51 for PlayStation 3 just around the corner, PSU took the time to catch up with the games Creative Director, Jim Steifelmaier, to get some latest minute details on the highly anticipated alien blaster.

PSU: Is there SIXAXIS support and if so how is it being implemented?
Jim Steifelmaier: We wanted Blacksite to be identical across all three platforms, thus the motion control functionality on the SIXAXIS is not supported.

PSU: When is the Blacksite Area 51 demo hitting the PlayStation Network?
Jim Steifelmaier: The demo for BlackSite: Area 51 is scheduled to hit the PlayStation Network on Dec. 20.

name6065d ago

This is a big deal. All of the PS3 owners have been waiting impatiently for this release.

games4fun6065d ago (Edited 6065d ago )

thank you for making me laugh a little

Korosuke6065d ago

umm, I assure there is no one waiting for this game.

aggh im on fire6065d ago

I played the demo of this on the 360 months ago.... don't expect much thats all i can say.

LeonSKennedy4Life6065d ago

How 'bout we forget this ever existed...

...no sixaxis support?

It's like they're not even trying.


Salvadore6065d ago

Played this game at my friends house and it's mediocre.

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TenBensons3439d ago

This video was excellent! I had no idea this game was this awful.


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