Dreamcast 2 in the works?

SEGA Corporation has filed a new application to protect the trademark Dreamcast - sparking rumours that the Japanese publisher is planning on making a shock return to the console manufacturing market with the Dreamcast 2.

The filing could, of course, simply be a further effort from SEGA to protect the Dreamcast name. According to the USPTO the original Dreamcast trademark is still active. However, the two descriptions are very different.

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predator5661d ago

HOLY [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could it be?!?!

come on sega bring that beast back and make shenmue 3 launch title, haha

Anego Montoya FTMFW5661d ago

i LOVED the dreamcast.

it had a amazing libary of games, and was extremely innovative.


Sega, seriously don`t do this.

mikeslemonade5661d ago

Dreamcast 2 was Xbox and Dreamcast 3 is the 360. If a real dreamcast 2 came out then it would be too similiar to the xbox.

ry-guy5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )


People use that arguement as flame bait, but how is the Xbox anything like the Dreamcast 2?

Let's see. Xbox was made by Microsoft hmmm last I checked Microsoft comes from another continent than Sega and its Dreamcast.

Xbox was no where close to the gaming library Dreamcast had because of the fact that it was an American produced console and Japense developers were unfamiliar and untrustworthy of Microsoft.

Don't try to compare the Xbox & Microsoft names to Dreamcast & Sega. You're comparing apples to oranges.

InMyOpinion5661d ago

If it's anything, it will be a handheld for sure.

Kleptic5661d ago

People say that all time because of XBL...

Sega and MS were working together on the online network that was originally slated to be exlusive to the DC...near the launch of the DC however, mostly due to Sega's extremely poor running with devs at the time, MS backed out...and soon after announced that they would enter the console market with their own in house console...and would only work with certain PC part manufacturers (meaning not SCE or Nintendo or Sega)...XBL is basically what would have come to the DC had the Xbox never been made...

this is pretty similar to how the Playstation came along...nintendo and Sony were working on the system that would come after the SNES (although it was not at all like the N64...CD-Rom was to be the main format)..but mysteriously Nintendo dropped Sony on the console development in early 94...and Sony basically used everything they were inputting to Nintendo for the PS1...Nintendo's move also put them way behind in that generation race...and made Sony a fortune...

MS and Sega have/had a very similar take on the console market though...both companies wanted to shorten the console lifespan, while Sony and Nintendo always wanted to lengthen it...both MS and Sega (at the time) wanted online console content very early on, however demanded that it be a closed exclusive system (so not really the "internet" per se)...that is mostly due to MS though, which has always confused a lot of people...especially considering how open the windows OS is when compared to the main competition of Apple (not getting in Linux or anything...I am not saying windows is open source or anything...just comparing a PC to a 360 as far as online content abilities)...

wiki a DC gives all kinds of crazy information about the past 2 decades of consoles...

Sam Fisher5661d ago

but peter moore was the president of sega "Moore was president and COO of Sega of America", and then later became Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft which "...heavily courted Moore based on his experiences with the Sega Dreamcast." so hmmm.... so Xbox and Xbox 360 is extremely similiar to dreamcast

if u dont believe me - Link -

JsonHenry5661d ago

I hope they do release a new console. They could easily be the kings of the "next-gen".

Whatever the case, I have always enjoyed Sega Consoles. I have faith that they will not let me down if they do produce another console.

Polluted5661d ago

@Mikeslemonade & Sam_Fisher: Did you guys ever play a Dreamcast? It just didn't "feel" anything like an xbox. I don't mean the controller. Just the whole system in general. The way it was marketed, the games, everything.

Jammaniaclord5661d ago

i ABSOLUTELY adore THE dREAMCAST TO THIS VERY DAY! I REALLY MISS sEGA BEING A CONTENDeR IN THE MARKET. Incredible library of games. the system reminded me of the PC Engine and its quirky, yet creative games were edgy, and were fun as heck! LOTS of shooters for us old school fans too! Only thing i was let down on was that the shmups were too same-y, meaning that they all looked like the same game , with barely new graphics/art, but the same millions-of-bullets spraying everywhere style. Other than that it DID have shmups! Beggars can't be choosers!

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titntin5661d ago

I doubt we'll see it - but I'll keep my fingers crossed, just in case! :)

mikeslemonade5661d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious why would the dreamcast 2 be alike the xbox 1, so that's why I didn't explain. Dreamcast had the first online and the successor would have been like xbl, shemmue was exclusive to the xbox, the controller was similiar to the xbox, Peter Moore was the main excutive for the dreamcast and for the xbox 1 and 360. Also there have been a few sega games exclusive or timed exclusive on the xbox such as Condemmed. If Dreamcast 2 the real thing came out then it would just be first party sega games and then 3rd party games.

BLUR1115661d ago

it be amazing if they make a 2nd one. it sucks dreamcast went out cause it woulda been better than ps1 if it stayed around the grafix were way better than ps1 thats a fact

mighty_douche5661d ago

say its so...... id love a new Dreamcast.

i give so much for it come out a smoke the PS3 and the 360, then we'd see some f*cking red faces....

predator5661d ago

hehe i think it would sit just nice next to my 360 and soon to be ps3 but to the fanboys, yeah they would be red faced. lol

socomnick5661d ago

I would love a dreamcast 2 but Im worried sega doesn't have in them anymore. All they have been producing lately is crap.

Daishi5661d ago

What you wanna bet it's a download only console. Especialy given all the old Sega games comming out on Virtual console and Live. I might even go as far as to say they have made more money off the downloadable content than there new releases (especial considering the production cost of a 12 year old game).

BloodySinner5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )

If the console is truly in the works, then SEGA is not joining this generation. Maybe the next one.

green5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )

If it comes out to compete directly with the PS360 its going to be very difficult and extremely expensive for them and seriously don't think SEGA has that financial power anymore.

But if they were to bring out a console thats abit more powerful than the WII,cheaper and billed as a direct rival to the Wii then definitely they will sell in the bucket loads.

Imagine a DREAMCAST2 lunching at 189dollars,720p or 1080p support,superior graphics to WII and lunching with SHENMUE3,POWER STONE 3 and a new SONIC GAME,SKIES OF ARCADIA.count me in.

mighty_douche5661d ago

man, those games ruled soooo much, just pure unrelentless FUN!

still im sure now it would get slated for "no AA" or "ha look at those low res textures"..... fun seems to come second now.

crck5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )

And I would love a 3rd installment as well. I wonder why Capcom doesn't do it. It could be a "Smash Bros" for the PS3 and 360.

gololo5661d ago

i'd get it just to play power stone many hrs spent to get every single item in ps2...loved the game, however, I don't want this to happen as my pockets are empty to try to keep up buying all three consoles...