Sony PS3 to Launch with 30 Titles?

According to an article over at the PS3 is set to launch with more titles than the original Playstation saw at its launch in the mid 1990s.

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OutLaw5857d ago

I see some really great games on this list if they could launch with the system Devil May Cry 4, Fight Night 3, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy on release day. I will personally get a PS3. I think those are fantastic games to release with the PS3.

calderra5856d ago

It's not at ALL accurate. The actual launch list is probably under 20 at this point, and not even all of that is confirmed.

NextGen24Gamer5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

I don't see Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and a few others being ready by Launch. But we shall see. I think this is an article created as an attempt to build some good news about the ps3 going into the final stretch. I only say that because there are quite a few blockbusters in that 30 game line up that I have read won't be coming out until late 2007. But, I agree with you Outlaw....if this is indeed the launch looks like the ps3 finally does have some good news and would definately make me think hard on whether to spend almost a Grand with a game or two and controllers.

kingboy5857d ago

lol that list looks too good to be true,well maybe it`s possible in during a european launch.

BIadestarX5857d ago

I said it before; I will buy a PS3 just to play FF and MGS. If they can pull it off and the games get good rating (And they are not released for the 360) I'm In.

original seed5857d ago

its just an attempt to generate hype. Dont beleive this because i promise you, you will be disappointed. Metal gear will not be a launch title. Why would they put all their eggs in one basket?

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The story is too old to be commented.