No Blu-ray or HD DVD for Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft announced that only the 64-bit of the new Windows Vista operating system will be able to play Blu-ray and HD DVD video content. The announcement was made at the TechEd 2006 conference in Sydney, Australia.

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THE TRUTH5854d ago

I know this is off topic but I have to ask.... Is Topgamer now taking the place of The Real Deal from now on?

drewdrakes5854d ago

Um how is this pro-anyone? Both HDDVD and blu-ray are affected. This is very interesting news, and im very surprised that Microsoft would make it easy to support blu-ray playback, considering they 'support' HDDVD.

Marriot VP5854d ago

In a nut shell this is why Microsoft did it. They want to prolonge the HD formats for the benefit of HD-DVD to come down in cost. And very few people have 64bit PC's, I'm one of them.(isn't that nice).

Although I won't be getting a HD drive cause there's no point when I have my DVD's upscaled already with my 360.

The WINNER of this format war will always be the format that gets it's stand alone players at 100-200 bucks first. Just look at DVD. Also you can't compare the PS2 dvd drive for very obvious reasons.

1. One, there was no competition
2. Two it was a huge leap in storage unlike HD drives and performance
3. People didn't have to BUY a very expensive HDTV to utilize it. It's still not above 5% households with them.

NextGen24Gamer5854d ago

PC games anytime soon. And with games like Crysis coming out and Shadow run...Game compression is obviously super advanced right now with no lack in quality. 64 bit computers won't be the "norm" until 3 to 4 years from now.

Marriot VP5854d ago

Top, HD discs won't EVER be used for games cause what's the point when you can use 4.5gb DVD's onto your HDD.

It would be 10 years until HD discs would be cheap enough, and by that time electronic distribution would be in effect. So really there's no reason.

Invictus5854d ago

Actually, there's no secret money-making motive here. The reasons are technical.

64-bit processors have built-in protection against unsigned/untrusted/insecure code running on the system. This ensures to some degree that DRM checks cannot be circumvented by modified software hacks.

The older, 32-bit hardware architectures do not have such implementations and thus cannot make the same guarantee.

For those in the entertainment industry the integrity of proper DRM handling by the OS is a must, thus the 64-bit limitation.

calderra5853d ago

Absolutely correct. Current (non-64-bit) mobos literally CAN NOT PLAY HD-DVD or BluRay. Buy a player, attach it to your computer, and you'll get absolutely nothing.

Only 64-bit systems will be able to play HD or BluRay at all, but even then, there are still some little bits that have to be present on the mobo (at least for BluRay). So having a 64bit computer isn't even technically a guarantee that you'll be able to play next-gen optical formats.

highps35854d ago

So what version of Vista do I have to buy to get HD Playback?

Marriot VP5854d ago

if you want a hd-dvd or blu-ray player down the road than your gonna need a 64bit CPU, intel or amd. If your PC doesn't your up the creek.

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The story is too old to be commented.