PS3 passes FCC tests; Cell comfirmed to be 3.2ghz

News has just surfaced stating that the PlayStation 3 has passed FCC approval tests and that the final clock speed of the Cell processor is 3.2GHz.

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Anerythristic265854d ago

I didn't know that stuff gets leaked. That's a good find Phoenix. Good news story those scans look authentic. People will try to call you on if this was a model that was tested before they downgraded the chip.

NextGen24Gamer5854d ago

Good points. And the article is from PS3Land and hasn't been confirmed by Sony yet. Not to say its not true. Just pointing out some small tidbits for those who may not read the entire article. It seems this test would have been done a long time ago. Why wait till the last minute to find out if you are FCC compliant?

zypher5854d ago

well i'm not sure if this goes according to your own special criteria for when things should be done, but if you look at the scans you'll notice that testing actually began on Aug 9th of this year, about round the time all those rumors started creeping up saying that the PS3 would be downgraded.

ronin_oni5853d ago

I do believe that Sony would have had to have undergone another FCC test with their downgraded version, since it's not the same set of components that were tested by the FCC. Being that there are no other confirmation reports that people are aware of, I think the 3.2Ghz PS3 is the PS3 that we'll all be seeing on November 17th (in th U.S. at least, sorry Europe, I feel for you.).

shotty5854d ago

Where does it say 3.2ghz for the cell, can't find it.

ghostface5854d ago

Look where it says scan2.

THE TRUTH5854d ago

The entire report can be found here:


andy capps5853d ago

Nice, thanks for posting the full report. 3.2 is good news. I looked all through the report to see how much power it used, 100 watts, 200 watts, etc. but couldn't find it anywhere. Oh well. Confirmed at 3.2 Ghz is good news.

calderra5853d ago

I looked over the paper just to find the wattage to post here, and I forgot. Ah-well.

Wasn't PS3 initially supposed to be running at 3.5 GHZ instead of 3.2? If I'm not mistaken, this news is already a downgrade anyway. And yes, this testing essentially began before the downgrade rumors started (they had to ship the unit), so that doesn't help either.

Regardless, just look at the games in development. It's virutally impossible to tell 360 apart from PS3. Total wash.