Assassin's Creed: Revelations' boring "memories" epitomize bad storytelling in gaming

Desmond's memories in Assassin's Creed: Revelations are boring and lazy examples of bad storytelling in gaming.

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THR1LLHOUSE3207d ago

I don't want to fault them for trying something new (which I'm sure must be EXTREMELY tempting for the devs behind the second sequel to a sequel), but this stuff sounds awful.

It reminds of me Call of Duty's "Hey, nothing is quite broken, so let's just do something different for no reason!" approach, which I guess is to be expected with all these annual sequels.

Buttons3207d ago

The memories in question are optional.


Sadie21003207d ago

Excellent can anyone expect them to do anything really original or interesting with this section if they only had about a year to cobble the game together?

Hufandpuf3207d ago

That was my only gripe about the AC franchise. After 2, they started looking and playing exactly the same. They tried to branch off but didn't have nearly as much time to refine new additions. That's why I didn't buy AC:R

HeavenlySnipes3207d ago

series in general. I loved the first, but that mainly had to do with it being my second nextgen game (Halo 3 was the first).

But after trying to play the second a few years after (this is after playing MGS4, UC2, GOW3, etc..) the awe factor at the graphics and story telling wore off and I was left with an easy open world action game. The only incentive to continue playing was to watch the next cutscene because the combat and parkour were never engaging enough to keep you playing.

This caused the "FFXIII" affect. Where the only thing keeping you from putting the game back in the cover forever is the next cutscene, or the hope that the gameplay will evolve. And just like FFXIII, it did not. They can't honestly expect me to play for more than 6-7 hours doing the same shit

iamnsuperman3207d ago

I disagree with the article. At first the bland world seemed random but as you progress the puzzles becomes more relevent (for example following the stream and the end memory). It would be nice experiencing it in a more visual way but that would be a new game entirly. Think about it. It would be stop start and no coherent path to play. A movie would be all right but they had allready done this in AC2. It wasn't boring just wasn't really exciting.

kma2k3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Im a big a assassins creeed fan as there can be just check out the avatar, but i have to agree with this sotry. Revalations was the worst ac game & the exclusion of the puzzles that were replaced by these platforming story telling was really pretty bad. I did enjoy the back story of desmond but it really was a pretty boring well to tell it. My biggest gripe of this game was the overall story moved forward litterally less than a full minute. I enjoyed the ending to ezio & altiar but this game really seemed like a money grab to me. Having said that i still enjoyed revalations better than alot of games this year, it just wasnt as good as previous games in the series. Im also very much looking forward to ac3 next year.

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