10 games parents should avoid getting their children

In response to US Prosecutor Kym Worthy's list for the Detroit News of games parents should avoid getting their children this Christmas, MEGATONik could not help but put together a revised list of games for parents to avoid at all costs this holiday season

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Blank10175588d ago

I've read a few reviews and now this list and I've come to the conclusion that that site is worthless.

The reviews give opinions like "it rocks" or "it F***** blows" with little or no reason behind it.

and now this list... it makes no sense and isn't even funny. either make a real list or make your fake list funny.

ban fans5588d ago

This is the type of immature crap that these anti-game / ignorant organizations and people feed off of. It makes gamers look like a bunch of stupid children that can't make a serious argument as to why video games are just a hobby and not a "threat to society". Bad move!

As gamers, we need representation from our own to give logical arguments, not childish rhetoric that can be used as even more ammunition against us!

hotzizzy5588d ago

It's not supposed to be serious, and the reason there was only one sentence for each was because they were following the style of the prosecutor's one. It was just a joke.

ban fans5588d ago

but my point is the only time you see a serious game report is on sites that are only designed for and seen by gamers. In the public eye, WE are a joke, and this only supports that idea by making fun of what they (the prosecutor and their followers) feel is a serious issue. We, as knowledgable gamers, know the list was out of date and foolish, but they take it very seriously and have the general public's ear.
I would rather see a list of game's that are good for children released by a game site than a list of "the games will poison your child's mind". It's just bad PR to poke fun at something they take so seriously, that's all.

Blank10175588d ago

HotZizzy - I have no problem with someone making a joke, my problem wasn't that they didnt take it seriously. My problem was that it wasn't funny, it was just dumb.

backflip100195588d ago (Edited 5588d ago )

Bans fans - Oh boo hoo, another *obviously* satirical representation of gaming culture. How in the world does this support the arguments set forth by ignoramuses like Jack Thompson, who make irrational claims that even the dumbest of the dumb would find incompetent? When great minds, like those of the modern day political cartoonists, take jabs at the media or the president, are they considered to be following suit with politicians who they are satirizing? Of course not. Your argument is bland, uninformed and childish.

SteveZim - You wouldn't know funny if it dropped a safe on your head. Keep your snide, unsupported remarks to yourself please.

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