No extra guns for newest Time Crisis on PS3

People have begun to warm up to games with peripherals; Rock Band is the uber-example of this. The problem has become getting more of the needed peripherals to make the game work. Extra guitars for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 have yet to hit the market, for instance, causing some gamers to go to dishonorable lengths to get extra equipment.

This problem has also been found in the PS3 title Time Crisis 4. So far there is no way to get a second gun to play two-player games. Namco-Bandai's response is simple: you should just buy the game again.

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Rice5107d ago

Buhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............4 7

Honeal2g5107d ago

thats ridiculous ... i think we all know why they arent gonna spend time on effort on that ... i mean lets be serious...

DemiseofPandas5107d ago

I think they could at least offer extras for sale, even if soley from their website or something. Either way it is more likely a missed opportunity for them.


This game still crap... But really, crap or not, there is no excuse to don't sell a second light gun to a light gun game with mutiplayer. This is just plain stupidy, people will just have more one reason to don't buy this...