XB Stream 1.0 Released! XBox 360 RSS/XML feed reader/aggregator

XB Stream in a nut shell is an RSS/XML feed reader/aggregator that works with the XBox 360 video game console. XB Stream allows you to view xml based content feeds (xml, rss, rdf) on your Xbox 360 video game console; you can also listen to podcasts and blogcasts as well. XB Stream automatically downloads and converts text based content feeds into images that can be viewed from the media>pictures>computer blade and hear audio podcasts/blogcasts from the media>music>computer blade. Content feeds are automatically managed by the software so you are always given fresh feeds, and older feeds are automatically deleted. Audio feeds show up as playlists and can be listened to while playing your favorite games! Below are all of the features of XB Stream:

Full support for all versions of Windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Center) & Windows Vista
Full support for Windows Media Connect, and Windows Media Player 11 (or higher)
Built in wizards to automatically configure with WMC and WMP 11 (or higher)
Automatically downloads text based xml feeds and converts to images
Automatically downloads and builds playlists for audio podcasts and blogcasts
Automatically deletes and manages old content feeds, allowing you to set the max number of feed items to retain
Simulates the Xbox 360 dashboard look onto rendered text content feeds
Downloads and renders content feeds with all images, and html formatting
Automatically breaks up large content feeds onto multiple pages
Easily add/remove and manage content feeds with the intuitive XB Stream feed manager
Supports outputting images in both widescreen and standard definition format.
Choose the frequency of how often content feeds should download and update - 15, 30 minutes, 1, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or choose manual updates
Runs as a Windows NT service, allowing feeds to be downloaded to the Xbox 360 without anyone logging into the computer
Log-off the computer and content feed updates will still download and process themselves
Comes included with several text and audio content feeds from the best of the Xbox 360 community sites
Built just for the Xbox 360 video game console, and best of all it's completely FREE!

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sjappie5862d ago

I just installed it, it's pretty cool checking the xbox news while you're gaming or you can listen to podcasts. Maybe this will evolve into a real web browser, anyways it's a first step.

Rusty Ranchero5862d ago

I just installed it, can't wait to test it out! Thanks for already including some cool podcasts with it! (I had noticed for the past several months our webstats getting hits from "XBStream" and was thinking what the hell is that! lol).

2tired2day2hate5861d ago

is there a way to stream online radio stations? like shoutcast? what formats would work? anything with a pls extention? i'm not at home or id try to find out for myself

Steve5195860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Please don't download, and if you have it delete it. This program was not done right, I has killed and Please don't get this and if you have it remove it until the problem has been solved. For more info check out and check there forums