Metal Gear Rising to release Late 2012; Details via Twitter

Debut @VGA world premier teaser followed by tech presentation @GDC, trailer and actual game presentation @E3, online mode beta test in summer, exhibiting @Gamescom, game play available in multiple occasion in fall, and release yr end. This is the trend of game promotion in western market.

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Nate-Dog3439d ago

Online play confirmed too? Wonder how that'll turn out if it'll be like MGO2 (unlikely) or the Ninja Gaiden 3 multiplayer.

dark-hollow3439d ago

Didnt they get the memo that nobody play those games for MP???
How many people are playing Dead space 2 or bioshock 2 multiplayer???

I hope it proves me wrong tho and turn good, thats if there is really a mp in the first place

h311rais3r3439d ago

Um the games u mentioned r shooters.....bad example...

Yui_Suzumiya3439d ago

I'm thinking the MP would be more on the lines of Anarchy Reigns.

DivineSnow3439d ago

Definitely share the same thoughts with you there. I see this as a contender against games such as Anarchy Reigns, NG3 and DMC et al.

FPSRUSSIA3439d ago

hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Bsip3439d ago

Interesting, but he might have just been referring to the industry process as a whole. I'm not sure I'd take it as fact for Rising specifically.

TXIDarkAvenger3439d ago

Been waiting for an official release date for a while along with some gameplay.

I hope this 2012 release date is worth the wait.

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