December's Most Interesting iOS Publisher is...Microsoft?!?

Padvance's Raymond Padilla writes about Microsoft's surprisingly strong foray into iOS development. Lead by gaming apps like My Xbox Live and Kinectimals, December 2011 could be remembered as the start of Microsoft becoming a great iOS software publisher.

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Letros2500d ago

MS has been releasing software for Apple products for ages, don't see what's different here.

rpad2500d ago

iOS is far more popular than Windows Phone. Very different from comparing Windows and Mac OS. It's also interesting that so many of these Microsoft iOS apps are coming at the same time.

SITH2500d ago

Yeah so. They want money too and there is plenty to be found in apple's app store and pockets.

HK62499d ago

I am pretty sure the only non-free app they have on the iOS marketplace is Kinectimals and that is only $2.99.

SITH2499d ago

Did you bother to download the free app of halo waypoint? You will quickly find there is nothing free about it.

HK62498d ago

I did but I haven't used it much because I have it for WP7 as well. What isn't free about it?

otherZinc2500d ago

Will they bring it to Android?

aviator1892500d ago

I think they already brought some halo waypoint/atlas apps to android, so it's likely they'll be bringing these too, if not already.