Rock Band set to receive a guitar compatibility patch

Since the release of Rock Band, PS3 owners have had 2 options for having a full four-piece band; spend another $170 to buy another copy of the game to get a second guitar controller, or tell your bass playing friend to buy their own bundle if they want to join the party. Either way, the solution was the same. Pony up.

Well, Harmonix has finally seen fit to remedy this situation in a way that should make many people who own both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 happy. With the release of a patch expected to be available very soon, you will be able to use your wireless Les Paul with Rock Band, answering a call that gamers have been chanting with fists held high in the air for weeks now.

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mralexander4879d ago

nice to see their quick response.

Jamegohanssj54879d ago

Will I be able to play Guitar Hero 3 with this?

xplosneer4879d ago

Was just asking for this. My prayers have been answered.