Jay Button: Uncharted's Elena and Speed Syndrome

Matt Jay: "As more and more action movies come out each summer, they all tend to blend together. In order for Hollywood to make sure the newest film is a sure thing, it must tread some proven ground to make sure the masses will accept it. Once in a while, a big-time action movie will stand above the rest with snappy dialogue, more impressive action scenes or a budget that allows the use of cutting-edge technology, but they’ll still include a number of cliches. The good guys will win, everything will be wrapped up and fixed within the next two hours and, perhaps most importantly, the hero will almost always get the girl. I like to call this “Speed syndrome”."

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vortis3472d ago

Apparently this guy never seen a Chuck Norris movie.

Or more importantly he never seen this...

bobrea3472d ago

Wait...why was this approved?

Darrius Cole3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

The author said,

------------"But after the smoke clears and the credits roll, Elena snaps to her senses and realizes this relationship is a bad idea."------------------- ---

Okay I'll bite...I have a few minutes to waste. I'll explain why this guy is wrong.

Drake and Elena are not that dis-similar. Eleana is a globe-trotting special news reporter. She goes into hell-holes on her own.

We know that Elena still wears her wedding ring. We don't know the intimate details of their relationship because the game is not about their marriage. They clearly didn't have a bad break-up.

The game leads us to believe that the problem is that Drake keeps going on these dangerous archaeological missions. In other words, it's not a case where they aren't compatible when the adrenaline stops; its a case where they are compatible when the adrenaline stops but the adrenaline never stops. If Drake's not searching for the lost city of Atlantis, Elena is doing an expose on a warlord.

That seemed to be the underlying them of the game...People telling Drake to chill out a bit because it isn't worth it. Eleana saying "it's not worth it"; Chloe saying "its not worth it"; Sully basically saying, "we're as close to father and son as either of us will ever have, so son 'quit being a dumbass and go back to your wife, this shit isn't worth it.'

Huwmor3472d ago

It's agony having this game down by the tree still in it's amazon packaging. Damn you christmas, DAMN YOU!

3472d ago