ThoseGamingNerds: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Review

ThoseGamingNerds Write: "Dynasty Warriors is becoming a name that leaves a very poor taste in the mouths of many gamers. Known for monotonous combat and only brief amounts of fun, many have been waiting for the day that Koei infused something new into the series. Rather than add new gameplay elements or take a year or two to rebuild the game from the ground up, Koei opted for the easy approach. Since the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise was wildly popular in Japan and had a dedicated following in North America, they fused Gundam with Dynasty Warriors."

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Godmars2903406d ago

Screw this s*** - GIVE ME GUNDAM EXTREME!!!

Canary3406d ago

It's not that good. ~__~

Also: timely review. Do they just hate on the game for the Gundam and Musou bits of the title, or actually focus on the godawful level design and crappy music? Cause gameplay-wise, it's probably the best Musou game yet.

Godmars2903406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Point is, though its very much like Musou, to where if you've played one version of the game you have and will play them all, its still better than Musou. Its also in HD on the PS3.

Granted I'm not importing the thing for $100, but I still want it.

Canary3406d ago

Not... really. Sure, the arcade games can be a bit homogenous, but the console versions typically have had very substantial 1P offerings--in addition to more new units and mechanics than is typical for a Musou title.

Extreme VS is just a lazy arcade port. Very little appeal for 1P action. It's still a solid game and a must-buy for fans, but odds are you'll be able to grab it for $30 USD this time next year.

As for the, "if you've played one, you've played 'em all" observation... it doesn't really apply to the overall Musou (or VS) brand. Sangoku Musou--yes, very much so--but the spin-offs all have a lot of variety. That kind of observation is more appropriate for titles like Call of Duty, or any Zombie game ever.