iRacing is still the best racing sim; This video will make you fall in love with racing sim games

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, I now want to play a racing game. This is what came to my mind while watching this video from YouTube user ‘chadsmith20′. We do know that iRacing is one of the best racing sims but it appears that nothing can really come close to it at this point. Sure, GT5 and Forza 4 have better presentation but when you properly setup your system, iRacing’s experience is unmatched. Moreoever, chadsmith’s setup - alongside with the triple-monitor and the wheel - is simply a beauty to behold. This is how you should be playing racing games guys."

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green4573d ago

That looks more like a sim than anything on console and yes i am refering to both GT and Forza. Iracing looks fantastic.

Pandamobile4572d ago

Are GT and Forza even classified as racing sims?

HeavenlySnipes4572d ago

No, both GT and Forza are clearly going for the over the top, adrenaline pumping action of street racing. You'd have to be a troll to think otherwise.....

soundslike4572d ago

In gt:

with the assists turned off and appropriate tires


Oner4572d ago

Correct soundslike. And GT5 is the only console game to also support 5 screens...granted you need 5 PS3's + 5 Games but it is still possible to get a VERY good feel/effect when you have the right setup of vehicle, track, environment & hardware (even without 5 screens) over its direct competitor.

LackTrue4K4572d ago

why in the hell is he using racing gloves???....are they connected to the pc or somthing??

Hanif-8764572d ago

I guess that he just want to be a bit more immersed in the racing sim. Afterall, isn't that what we aim for with the multi-panel displays and racing wheel!

Si-Fly4572d ago

Lots of sim racers use gloves! You have to remember that in iRacing even rookie races are 20-30 minutes long and higher classes regularly run 1+ hour races so gloves help with sweaty palms and chafing from your wheel.

stevenhiggster4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

It doesn't look as good as GT or Forza when you actually see the game rather than some hardcore geeks setup. http://media.iracing.com/wp... http://media.iracing.com/wp... Nice lighting and stuff but very flat textures, even worse than GT5's trees.
Physics are great but no better than Race 07 on the PC.

Plus it's a subscription game, which is pants unless your serious.

GT5 and Forza are more for normal gamers and mild enthusiasts.

Si-Fly4572d ago

I was a serious Forza geek and now I just use iracing for online competition, there's nothing better imo.

Ducky4572d ago

Heh, actually took me a second to realize that those were screens instead of car windows.

Cool setup.

bobrea4572d ago

Definitley a nice setup. Can't really tell much about the game though.

thebudgetgamer4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Pretty cool.

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A new NASCAR console game is set for a 2025 release under the stewardship of iRacing, following the sale of NASCAR Team Properties' gaming license by Motorsport Games.

TheColbertinator257d ago

iRacing to me has always been a difficult series and giving the developers a chance to make a NASCAR game sounds intense.


Holy shit! This is going to be the beat NASCAR game since Papyrus was closed down.

It needs to have all the tracks, all three series, a single player experience, and a season/career mode both in solo and multiple player.

And added bonus if they allow for a full season point system.

Iceball2000256d ago

I’m so pumped when I heard the news. I hope it’s not a let down but we’ll see. I still play NR2003 to this day, the mods are crazy good. Talking about mods hopefully this will support mods, at least on the PC. An other this is like to see is SuperGT play this and get his take on NASCAR.