Spike VGAs 2011: “Eureka” Actress Felicia Day Talks Games

Felicia Day has been gaming long before she became a Hollywood actress starring in television shows like Fox’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and SyFy’s “Eureka”. The actress even focused on gaming in her online series, “The Guild”. Most recently, the actress is starring in BioWare's Dragon Age II – both the DLC expansion from Electronic Arts and the Web series. She took some time to talk about gaming before serving as a reporter alongside “Chuck” star Zac Levi during the live Spike “VGAs” 2011 broadcast in this exclusive interview.

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majiebeast2507d ago

Her segments in the show were irrelevant. They couldve used that time to actually do some awards, instead of a 30second clip with 10 awards in it for shame.

Pintheshadows2507d ago

Rather than irrelevant i'd say they were shameful. I'd describe her career as irrelevant.

JsonHenry2507d ago

They had to entertain all the famous hollywood people in the crowd that don't really play games.

Cablephish2507d ago

Those Hollywood people who don't give a crap shouldn't have been there. They just do it for attention and cameras would be on them.

WhiteLightning2507d ago

I feel she's just milking the gaming community to make herself more relevent.


Pintheshadows2507d ago

Bam. She's a terrible actress anyway.