Mark Hamill and Tara Strong Both Miffed About The VGAs

The two lead voice actors from this year's Batman: Arkham City ripped the Spike Video Game Awards on Twitter last night. They both lost in their respective categories, but, they said, that's not why they'e complaining.

Mark Hamill, doubly famous for his roles as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and as The Joker in Batman cartoons and the recent, acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum/City games, groused over twitter that he had "lousy seats" and didn't even realize the award in his category had been announced.

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Noticeably_FAT3576d ago

They have a reason to be upset, I'd say the show was better then last years, but I'd like to see more awards presented. Half the time there wasn't any indication on when a game won something.

MsclMexican3576d ago

The Black FREAKING Baron got better seats than Mark Hamil and Tara Strong?

Thats Bullshit...

This was not an award show... just commercials amoungst more commercials.

Seriously it pissed me of that Hulk Hogan announced the winner of every award and practically said...

"hey Skyrim won GOTY, RPG and studio" because those were the only catagories left..


Most of these great dev's and voice actors deserve the spotlight.

The only ones who got spotlight were Bethesda, Infinity Ward, Nintendo and Rocksteady...

What about ND and Valve?

WhiteLightning3576d ago

"What about ND and Valve?"

I know Emily Rose even went since she was up for best voice actress and you hardly saw her. She was all dressed up aswell.....saw the picture on her facebook. I knew she wouldn't win since Elena Mclain was going to win but I thought Nolan would of won best male.....then I realised Stephen Merchant was there......when a celeb more known is at the VGAS they will win.

NeoBasch3576d ago

Sorry, but the Black Baron was easily more important, hence why they spent 5 minutes on the guy. You should feel privileged you even got a 10 second blurb. /s

Eamon3576d ago

I couldn't tell if that guy was serious or acting. He just seemed hostile in the way he could not stop screw facing that executive guy and when the presenter asked him to shake hands, he refused and they had to cut him off or something.

Truly, the VGA is really a joke.

Voxelman3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

The VGAs are a joke, a sad unfunny joke

nickjkl3575d ago

i knew something was wrong when bethesda won studiof the year

you dont release a broken game ps3 version and then get studio of the year

xCaptainAmazing3576d ago

Did you see where they were sitting?! They had freakin hulk hogan front and center, but Mark Hamill and Co. were literally bleacher seats. Video games deserve a better award show. I did find it "better" than previous years, but the format is too jokey and crap. I'd prefer an oscar style format minus pretentiousness.

STK0263576d ago

Then again, Hulk Hogan is a part of iMpact, which airs on Spike. While it might not seem fair, he's basically part of Spike.

KwietStorm_BLM3576d ago

Who cares? THIS event was about the games, or it's supposed to be anyway.

KwietStorm_BLM3576d ago

lol minus pretentiousness. Nice touch.

admiralthrawn873576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

this show was a joke. somebody else needs to take over a televised video game awards show. this caters to nobody except maybe a portion of cod playing douchebags. the very same racist, team killing douches they complained about, seems to be the ones that they catered to with t-bagging, LL Cool J, and lame video game jokes. If anything, this degrades the image of a gamer. fuck spike, and fuck the VGA's

xCaptainAmazing3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Just going back to the subject though... It's pretty much a minor miracle that all these voice actors have reunited after years to do the VOs for Arkham Asylum/City. They've said they love being a part of it because the project is great, but having Mark Hamill always talking about retiring the character and then this happens, you know, it just kind of spoils their fun when they are so professional about it and they aren't regarded at all during the only televised award show.

Like, if you're not going to win that's fine, but you still have the right to rub elbows with all the winners up front. It's not the end of the world and they'll probably get over it, but if I were either of them I'd never show up again if the format didn't change drastically, because it's pretty unacceptable.

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