Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: Old vs New Build Screenshot Comparison

"Metal Gear Rising was revealed at Microsoft's E3 2010 conference, and while we were watching that now, it's not hard to notice a significant downgrade from the original trailer. The latest trailer revealed at the VGA 2011 was in some ways, disappointing and underwhelming. And that's just based on the in-game impressions. We can't seem to help notice that the reveal trailer looked much better than the new one. The graphics looked much better and the swordplay had a meaty feeling to it."

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a_bro4071d ago

well it has to now, since its a hack and slash, that's the best way to play such games. that also could mean a lack in visual quality, though hopefully it wont suffer that much in visuals. by seeing that trailer, it looks great so far.

blumatt4071d ago

Multiplatform games tend to suffer compared to exclusive games since they've got to cater to the lowest common (console) denominator.

I think Metal Gear games should just be stealth-type anyway. This just isn't Metal Gear to me. Oh well, though. For those hack n slash people, enjoy, I guess.

KeiserSosay47884071d ago

I agree. The same thing can be said about PC games that are multiplatform, for the most part anyway.

hqgamez4071d ago

MGS4 looked better.
When the trailer debut at E3 it looked like MGS4 similar Engine. Since a new developer is here.
The trailer I saw at the VGAs was just......
I believe PS3 would be the lead console for which Konami has mainly choose, but this is new trailer you can see way too much shine on Raiden's face and the noise is like out of control.

morgle4071d ago

Jumped the shark, Nuke the fridge and now.... chucked a ray.

Bull5hifT4070d ago

I hear it's amazing when the famous giant purple stuffed worm in flapjaw space, with a tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hairi Kairi Rock! I need scissors!! 61!

CommonSense4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

The graphics are NOT better in the old build. it's a completely different art style and people respond differently to different art styles.

basically the old build looks like MGS4, the new build looks like Ninja Gaiden.

jeseth4070d ago

This game in no way feels like Metal Gear to me. I've been playing Metal Gear since NES.

This game looks and feels more like last years Vanquish with a sword.

I getting less and less excited about Rising.

milohighclub4070d ago

People keep saying they don't see it as a metal gear title. I did until the new trailer. This was my most anticipated game of next year but now I may not even buy it.

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Chitown712914071d ago

Guys....remember when Microsoft, came at E3 and people were like " OMG METAL GEAR ON XBOX!!".........and now everyone is trying to downplay it lol....I just thought it was may carry on.

Prophet-Gamer4071d ago

I remember that haha, the guy tried saying Snake was finally on Xbox to which Kojima quickly replied "NO, NOT SNAKE", I just rofled at the dumb MS rep.

Chitown712914071d ago

LMAO! Sh*t was hilarious dude

n4gisatroll4070d ago

Ya I remember when he said snake...but Kojima said...No. lol. No mgs for 360. Unless you count last gens hd versions.

Game13a13y4070d ago

To all those who want The Real Snake to be on the 360:
Just get a PS3, how hard is that?

40cal4070d ago


For me it has nothing to do with downplaying the game, the first build looked way better. This game went from awesome to WTF?

Chitown712914070d ago

Haha yep you got a point. I mean the graphics went from MGS4 level to wtf is this? And it didn't seem corny as f*ck at first neither ...

SixZeroFour4070d ago

"To all those who want The Real Snake to be on the 360:
Just get a PS3, how hard is that?"

so if i got this right, i buy a ps3 then snake will be on my 360?

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Prophet-Gamer4071d ago

Rising looks inferior to MGS4, a 4 year old game. Not to mention, the gameplay didn't look the least bit enticing. Seriously, what a disgrace. Will be skipping this title, no doubt about it.

xtremeimport4070d ago

Dont think this game looks interesting at all anymore. looks cheesy and too focused on swinging the sword around too much. idk, havent seen enough to really make a decision though.

CommonSense4070d ago

but it's not a game about Snake. it's a game about a crazy cyborg ninja. i really think kojima made the right decision to pass this off to a developer that is used to something more rapidly paced.

think about how clunky moving snake around while firing was...there is no way they were going to be able to pull off the smooth motion of a "break dancing cyborg ninja." makes perfect sense to me why they made this decision.

TVippy4070d ago

Hate to admit it, but GamingCrap is right here for once. Absolutely right. New Rising is utter crap. :( Love Platinum, but Rising was destined to be a different game, not a DMC-style one.

40cal4070d ago

The first game concept was far more interesting than the stale old crap Platinum Games has turned this game into.

I had this pre ordered now its going to be a game fly rental that i suffer through for the story.

Loving the HD collection. Peace Walker is just awesome.

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Pintheshadows4071d ago

Metal Gear Rising. You've changed man.

redDevil874071d ago

That's because the original Rising was cancelled and Platinum games were recruited to continue the idea of the game.

SWORDF1SH4071d ago

took his funny comment and took it to serious and made it not funny

now thats funny lol

llMurcielagoll4071d ago

I got a little skeptical when I noticed the difference in names "MetalgearRising" and before used to be "Metal Gear SOLID Rising"

Hope the change of dev team turns out for the best.

jeseth4070d ago

They took the Solid out of the title because when Kojima came to check on the progress of the game he saw what utter crap it was turning into and said ... "this can be a Metal Gear game but it is not Metal Gear Solid! You've turned Raiden into a cyborg, hara-juku girl ninja, with Dragon Ball Z hair"

Then Kojima ran to the bathroom and threw up.

ziggurcat4070d ago

i think i missed that memo - why was the original rising cancelled?

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Baka-akaB4071d ago

The old build was very blurry and sub hd , not to mention running at 30 fps . While the new one is so far confirmed to be 1280x720 and 60fps

Paradicia4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

You're right. It was confirmed on the Official Spanish Kojima Productions Twitter.

Sourced from a post on Neogaf: "Some people may have noticed that the colours and tone aren't like Metal Gear.
The old RISING we were doing at KojiPro was very Metal Gear, at 30fps and with complex controls.
It was one single thing that I asked of Platinum: "A Raiden that moves at 60FPS, that controls well and looks good".

TheDivine4070d ago

The game looks epic to me but i wish they kept the tone and colors like a mgs game to make it mesh better with the universe. Id prefer the original game because it would have had some stealth, prob some codex sh**, long winded cutscenes, and a good story. Now it wil be awesome but that cheesy sega action game music doesnt fit well with what a metal gear game should have. I guess il have to judge it as its own standalone title now and im sure it will be one of the best games. Thanks for the quote.

Optical_Matrix4071d ago

Why is Baka-akaB getting disagree's. It was confirmed by Kojima himself that the game used to 30fps and is now 60fps. Which is what you want for a hack n' slash title is it not Devil May Crybabies? (b-bu-but teh fake Ninja Theory DmC izn't runnning at 60 fpsss)

HeavenlySnipes4070d ago

It is because he tried to tell us that the Platinum Games build looked better than the Konami build

AsunaYuukiTheFlash4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )


Welcome to the world known as .

lategamer4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Yep, instead the fake Ninja Theory DmC will run at 15-20 FPS (just like Heavenly Sword and Enslaved), but but it'll feeeeel like 60fps. Amirite?

Baka-akaB4071d ago

I know , wich is why the blind disagrees over a fact is hilarious , but hardly surprising .

Morons will be morons

Paradicia4071d ago

The site is a joke sometimes Baka. Haters will hate. They can't accept the presented facts.

Eamon4071d ago

I didn't press disagree however it would seem by the non-vocal tone of your message that you liked this new MGR more than last year's MGS:R.

Maybe you do or don't but I'll just say I liked last year's trailer a lot more than this year's.

Baka-akaB4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I do like it better , even if it could be better looking . I wasnt thrilled by the previous built , as it didnt really show much , if any stealth element , while the predominant action part was quite lacking , not fast paced enough and clunky .

It seems it was a feeling shared by kojima and execs , as the game was obviously passed on to Platinum games instead , with the instruction of making it 60fps among other things

badz1494070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

in Japanese, "Baka" means "stupid", "idiotic" and yeah..."moronic"

no offense to you Baka-akaB, I'm not calling you a moron! just sharing what I think is - in a way, interesting.

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BreakNeckSpeed4071d ago

Still looks to be in it's early stages. I'll wait closer to the release before crossing up any judgement towards the graphics.

TurboGamer4071d ago

This game is also coming to pc, so that's 1080p at 60fps for me unless its a really bad console port.

4071d ago
caboose324071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Yea when it was being developed by Kojima Productions it was coming to PC. But I don't think this new dev does PC ports.

ShaunCameron4070d ago

Unfortunately no. It looks like MGR will be console-only.